This is a blog created by Indian in the machine, with the intention of helping us sail through the chaotic end times and new beginnings… many seeds of the new age are are being planted… ever since we were born… we are the ones we’ve been waiting for… and there’s no sense in waiting… we are here.

Along the way we can expect:

-A worldwide economic shift towards freedom.

-New technologies

-The earth shaking like never before

-ET visitation

-A cleansing by fire

-A collective move from separation consciousness, to unity consciousness

-Unexpected surprises from Creator and the Company of Heaven!

-Lots of chaos mixed in with moments of clarity.

-A collective awakening to fullest presence of all humans.  Essentially, we are discovering that we are desiring to be unified in the fullest presence… instead of the world we are now in, were people are separate and not even in presence with one another, due to mind clutter and all sorts of frequency bombardment, and unseen controllers, toying and playing with humans, like cattle… what a wonderful game we all have created eh?  So much to choose from…  so have fun choosing and may you be blessed with deeper connections to everything within and ‘out there’.

Indian in the machine main site featuring spirit music, ascension, spiritual sky, and tips on building your cosmic new light body… have fun.. all divinely inspired roads lead to Om in the heart. Indian in the machine

Spiritworld cover art

My greatest work of art, is what you cannot see… it is the ongoing evolution of my soul… you can perceive it… you can be drawn to it… it gets tweaked every day… a new splash of colour is added or altered… what you have come to perceive of anyone, is but a fraction of who they actually are… let no one or no thing, define, or attempt to possess, or limit in any way shape or form…, the ongoing creation of the soulart that we each are.

Indian in the machine – Spiritworld  Listen here…



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