“Stanley,” Escaped from Cabal Underground, Speaks! Tortured As “Chosen Child” To “Serve God” As “Frequency Designer” To “Hurt People”

“Stanley,” Escaped from Cabal Underground, Speaks! Tortured As “Chosen Child” To “Serve God” As “Frequency Designer” To “Hurt People”

“Stanley” escaped his lifetime enslavement in the secret underground of the cabal just days ago. He was part of a program to develop the high-pitched sonic “psychic” frequencies that cause mental confusion, physical pain and activation of the toxic bio-engineered parasites and nano chips (dropped in chemtrails) that are designed to sicken the population and drive Lightworkers to exhaustion.

He will reveal names, places, techniques, and tell his life story in person.  He is under protective surveillance by Higher Powers, and is working to help free others before we transition to a new Earth paradigm that will eliminate all torture, violence and abuse.

Kathryn E. May will interview him and other escapees on a special Friday night program on BlogTalkRadio.com/ChannelPanel.  8 PM EST.  All come!  You won’t believe your ears!


IITM:  This is a fascinating listen via the talented and loving Kathryn… and rings very true, as fitting into existing research, as to how the dark underground works.  It is interesting how people can be THAT brainwashed, that they falsely believe, good is bad, light is dark and so on… like many celebrities, Stanley has gone through TORTURE, to make him into a good slave who does not disagree with the lies, Stanley was told he was a ‘chosen child’… when in reality, we are all chosen, because we are here.  Stanley was told, he was doing God’s work… when in fact, God doesn’t torture… weird stuff people believe.   Watch for the darkside to fall apart, now that we are in a new timeline since end of September.

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