Tax Burdens Or Tax Blessings… What Is The Difference?

Tax Burdens Or Tax Blessings… What Is The Difference? ~ You know… the thing about taxes… look at it this way…. if we support health, then we support the notion that everybody can contribute to society… if we support ‘health care’ which is really ‘sick care’… we support the notion that it is normal to be sick, which is false. Look at taxes this way, if everyone is healthy, then we all contribute to the pot in a viable way, thus eliminating a tax burden….. when we live in joy together, we no longer have burdens… we have blessings… so look forward to tax blessings, where we all joyfully contribute to the whole, and there is strength in tax blessings, rather than weakness in tax burdens. Are you doing what you love? Do you support this in others, or do you continually ‘expect’ people to ‘earn a living’ in a ‘work’ and ‘resource’ mental construct? Are you thoughts creating a ‘burden’… if so, they are limited and no longer thought to be true, and you are likely in an exhaustive or depressive state where you subconsciously require others to look after you, while claiming to be powerful…. if your thoughts are a blessing, then you walking out of the concentration camp, singing your favorite tunes, that others enjoy listening too…. what is your tax on the whole on each day or moment…. unlimited blessings or a limited burdens? 🙂


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