Marijuana And Taxes, Why Bother???

Marijuana and Taxes ~ If marijuana is the God plant of our planet why tax God…. if marijuana can cure cancer, why not hand it out to everyone who wants it, instead of taxing it, if you are really interested in moving beyond cancer…. if marijuana stops crime, why not make sure everyone has access to it, instead of making it less accessible? If marijuana is good to economies, why not build economy around it, instead of resistance? If you are really for healthy, happy and an economicaly viable population, why not put away the notion that everything needs a tax or to be controlled, when it is a lie? If marijuana is the God plant, why not bring more God into our lives, via his chosen vessels. People are learning to live without being controlled…. marijuana helps that too. Invest in that which makes people healthy…. tax that which creates burden on the system and other people… tax that which is unhealthy…. free that which is healthy.

Only an unevolved enslaved society, would take a multi-benefit plant…. make it illegal, put people in jail over it, and would make it less accessible to those who need it most… only an unevolved society would make nature illegal, while making unnatural chemicals, the norm.

Indian in the machine


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  1. This is a question that many of had for along time. We the people who are the value and the actual employers of all government need to take care of the provisions of distribution, and not leave it in the hands of a false and satanic cult of gangsters, It is already known that they have known about the benefits of this flowering plant for along time, hence, why do you think they made a plant evil and illegal? The next thing they will tell us is that we can no longer have shrubs and flowers around the house. LOL. Marijuana is a flower that has healing properties among many many other uses. 😇


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