Creator Of Everything Speaks! Live Channeling On Floating Cities! How Thoughtforms/Sparks Of Creation Work!

Creator Of Everything Speaks! Live Channeling On Floating Cities!  How Thoughtforms/Sparks Of Creation Work!

It is such a delight to listen to Prime Creator through Susie Beiler… in this video we learn a bit on the origin of the floating cities; Prime Creator says they are observation homes of the galactic brothers and sisters and that we will be seeing more of them…. as well, we are offered some guidance on managing our thoughtforms and more… give these videos a chance… listen to them all… and connect directly with the Source of everything, which is sure to make you back into the powerful, loving and wise being we are all born to be.

Listen to a few earlier videos to learn about how our timeline has changed…. we are not in a ‘darkside wins’ timeline… since the end of September… rather, we are in a timeline of ever increasing MIRACLES! Lift your weary spirit and find out more: Prime Creator: What Has Happened Since September; New Ascension Timeline Extensions, Significant Paradigm Shift   Essentially, things are getting dragged out, to allow more time, for the earthlings to awaken… the plan is for every to awaken… thus, we can see how we need more time eh?

**** PRIME CREATOR SAYS HUMANITY IS LEARNING HOW TO BECOME MORE CONSCIOUS IN OUR TIMELINE JUMPING****  Please learn about this concept… remember more focus on soul growth, and less focus on egoic games. :)

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