Is Satan Pleased With You? Is God Pleased With You?

Is Satan Pleased With You? Is God Pleased With You?

With lots of activity coming in September, and in the rest of days… it is worth exploring these questions, whether God or satan is pleased. 

Earthlings~  satan does not exist, except in the minds of humans.

If you believe satan exists, you have been had.

If you believe satan exists, you have been had by your and other people’s ego.

If you sold your soul to the devil, it is not possible because the devil does not exist.

Is satan pleased with you? There is no satan to be pleased… and if there was a satan, he would not be pleased, he would be perpetually unpleased… don’t think about this… open your heart.

Is God pleased with you?

On some level God is pleased with you, because you still exist.

God is pleased when you connect with the multiverse with your  love, just like you are pleased with your body, when no part of your body is feeling sick.

Even if you are unable to treat others as you would like to be treated, God is still pleased with you, because you are his child and you are learning… God would never hate his children for not learning something.

Is your soul eternal? Yes

Can your soul be sold? No, you cannot sell something that is eternal and undefinable.

Not only can you not sell your soul, but you cannot sell your soul to an entity that does not exist.

Can God ignite your heart with wisdom?  Yes, but you must ask, and you must be willing to serve a higher power for real, instead of thinking that you are serving a lower power, that does not exist… as God now or anytime you like.

Everything done in the name of satan, who does not exist, will result in much more Light, in each passing moment, until all on earth is Light.

Does God ask you any questions after this life?  Yes!

Indian in the machine

What Questions Does God Aton Ask You, After This Life?

1. Who might you be?2.  What have you done worthy of consideration into Higher placement?

3.  What have you –Given– that might be regiven in greatness?

4. What have you done for any, save self?

5. Why should I do anything at all for you?

6. What have you given others, that you might be given in abundance? (You cannot have one without the other.)

7. What have you done that might be worthy of “proof”?

8. What have you done in great intent, to be worthy of response?

9. Do you recognize response when you receive it?

10. Do you turn away from that which you know you should do in order to find excuse for not “giving”?

11.  Did you do all you could do in actions to help your brother find his “way”? Did you decline self, to give unto another?

12. What have ye done to earn of My gifts?

When you have given All, then and only then have you given sufficiently. This is the moment you reach the point of the pendulum swing– then and only then can the multiplied abundance be regiven unto you.

So be it for these are the questions that shall be used at your trial regarding your actions in this physical placement.

– God Aton; Phoenix Journal #37; Page 5



  1. The judgement
    There are many ways, one from earth, one from other civilisations, one from our civilisation, maybe one after life …
    But there is always a very individual one during life. All what you have done or not done coming back to yourself.

    Please remember, that an overacted/ overreacted hygiene is poison – in german language ‘Gift’.


  2. You know that NWO and this and that are all distractions from the main point. Cause and reaction becoming more directly, faster. Act against the natural order and you will get a hit. This to make shure to set yourself in the right place. The sorting goes always up and down. The gender plays no role. There is no reason to wait, because it is always given, always in action. Maybe some understand and learn from.


  3. Of cource you could choose to sit around, make just nothing, don’t play the game and hope for the best, that all others loose hopefully more than you. But what or who is the real Looser? To learn is always a win.


  4. Who never risks something because knowing that it is a risk and the self is at risk, do not risking a mistake.
    What is a mistake? For me it is the most valuable and this is why I thank you for the lesson.


  5. Ok. You want to play a game here.
    What would I asking you, which answers would be very interessting – if I would play the role of god.
    Who are you?
    What have you learned?


  6. I think god must doubtlessly feeling very boring about all the answers of two simple questions. So I am going to suprise him or her a little bit.


  7. Yes, you are right – all is a deal of the free will..
    All collecting something. I collecting the mistakes, you don’t want. Always a good deal, hm?


  8. And yes. It is a privileg that I show them for you, that I hold the mirror in front of your face. I don’t need to do that. What you make becaues of this, is fully up to you.


  9. Any expanding awareness never increases by magic. If something increases by chance and mistake, it isn’t by luck. And if you see the expanding of others simply by specialising, that doesn’t mean something about you, it doesn’t even show, that it is you.


  10. Beloved Sandra, I love your writing, it is inspiring M/E (Magnetic/Electric) The only thing I am sure of is my experience. All I read or hear from others is just a passing of second hand knowledge. It is a great mistake to rely on the 5 senses; the things we see, hear, touch, smell or taste. Here we go into the lesson of intuition and humility.
    It is me that is creating my life, god or satan are only something we learned from others. Unfortunately most beings are unconscious and do not know that every creation starts with a thought. Any action (thought) creates a reaction (manifestation)!
    Close your eyes and meditate for a while. When you open your eyes feel what is around you. If you feel energised and full of joy, you are on the right path, if not there is something wrong with your thought. Look for that empty space, where there is no right and wrong and no judgement.
    Now before you know about god, satan and all the rest of it, you need to know who you are and why you are here on this planet. And even before that you need to know with absolute certainty that you are NOT A LEGAL NAME. This is vital: Legality is Not Reality.
    Here are all the information:
    Samaya = I am with You


  11. I have problems to accept the real circumstancs, that the most people do not want to live. They hold no force, no true living will. A will to survive (betterment, alleviation) is not enough, because orientation: fixed to disease. Naturally I have to accept, what is to accept. I shouldn’t care so much and react to, take care of myself because of this: means ‘What I think and feel about’. This is all but not easy. I give never away my love and empathy to others. I have to accept that it is your life and your desicion. Live and let live include don’t live and die.


  12. So many are in the current principle: ‘Who cries loud-voiced, get something.’ in cooperation by mutual consent and dependence. I not acting this way. If I do, it is pure strategy and tactic.


  13. Maybe there are many, who not bear their bearing and show it. Cries, want to swim in an aquarium, have no feeling as each normal creature on earth for the gravity and inner core natural directly in line with earthcore.


  14. Why should I care about names, if everybody who want can see your open secret – your imprint from all the things you individual have saved, have born, brought into this world?


  15. Why I should give you a new, more legal name?
    I knowing the art of war because fighting so hard and long with myself. This is freedom.
    The system of civilisation based on your name, roles… It is a small hard coded interpretation of Who you are and What you are worth. But it simply isn’t who you really are. Only human could hold and trust into this perception.


  16. I know, we need a new model for civilisation. There is one solution for it in existing. But and this is very important. Human have not to stand under their handmade creations, which are all interpretations. Beware your look to the nature of all things.


  17. The most common failure is more than simple. This is why I do not stand under my name. Others can’t successfully misusing my name to bound me to something.


  18. All of language is there for explaining the world. Which world?
    For example: the human age is a paradox, within lies the truth.
    There are many different possible messurements.
    Natural based some young people seems older and old people seems younger. Aside there are people who seems independent from their age complete, whole – like many feeling the impression of a newborn. Why they are and what they hold in common? They survived all attempts to kill them.


  19. Why do and did humans kill their own childs?
    If a child is almost complete, there is no need of correction because it is unnecessary. But parents want to be important, want the commitment that someone is everlasting thankful for this what they do. So they kill first to have a reason for giving the helping hand.

    I am not thankfull to murderer.


  20. You always looking for, questioning, what God is, who God is, where God is …
    The simple answer: if ‘root’ is working, this is without further enquiry, God works.


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