Sananda Explains Why Heaven Cannot Snatch Millions Of Evil Humans To Spare Earth’s Inhabitants Further Suffering, Two Conditions For Divine Intervention Explained

Sananda Explains Why Heaven Cannot Snatch Millions Of Evil Humans To Spare Earth’s Inhabitants Further Suffering, Two Conditions For Divine Intervention Explained

Sananda: “Let me explain why we cannot simply turn it all off, snatch the cabal off the planet and either rehabilitate them against their will or take them elsewhere to spare Earth’s inhabitants any further suffering. As much as that would please many, it simply cannot be done. For one thing, it is not as simple as you might think to identify on this planet who is an official member of the cabal and who is an enthusiastic supporter, or an accomplice. Many of the minions are more vicious and cruel, or worse, than their leaders, and they number in the millions.”



  1. Time, your time, your individual time for evolution, is like the wind. You could smell ist. If the time for something is gone, you know this. You could feel when the lovebound is gone even if nothing plausible has changed. You always know that you have to go with your own clock. Do you hear? To fight against and hold what you can’t hold is always a stupid idea with consequences and you always end up in the middle of a storm.


  2. You don’t want to let go all the things you love?
    Trustfull love, that is, is like a stretching band. For example my son is now 10 years old. He don’t need me that much, need his father more than me. This is his normal evolution. I always know that he really loves me and he knows that I am loving. I have no need for the showcase for myselfworth. I am very happy to see the interaction with others, the love and inspiration he do for others. He is free to show. To let free the ones you love, is love and holding love.


  3. Where’s the problem? There simply isn’t one.
    If there is any, you hold no trust in nothing. You hold trust or simply you don’t have any.


  4. If someone is well fixed to own nature, which is always full, and feels free to show up this, pure happiness is a given. In which way is very different and doesn’t fit to our concepts of interpretation. This is why the most can’t see it and can’t take it as it is.


  5. If you have no trust, you have to create and to follow the belief.
    In german language we call it Ur-vertrauen. ‘Ur’ stands for Urzeit meaning primeval times, from time immemorial. ‘Uhr’ stands for clock, ticker, timepiece, measurement of time. The individual measurement of time is very different, depending on perception. What is your perception isn’t mine. After all, it is a complement one another. No one is right. No one have to be right. To overcome a fearfactor simply know that other facts are more important.


  6. The run against universal time is long overdue and simply doesn’t give support. In reality it was never the case. Only the promotion was well done. But ist was more than successful and is near the mark to kill the innkeeper. You know exactly what that means.


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