You May Say You Have “No Fear”… Check The List!

You May Say You Have “No Fear”… Check The List!

Some people say “no fear’… but then they are: 1. Anonymous or unable to stand beside their own words, 2. Don’t like to get involved, 3. Rarely take an unpopular stance on anything, 4. Often, don’t even stand for anything unless it is trivial and of little consequence, 5. Always lock their cars and doors, 6. Could not imagine living without insurance, 7. Rarely talk to, or smile at ‘strangers’. 8. Get weirded out but someone telling truth, perhaps cannot handle it 9. Don’t enjoy serving Creator openly and with heart, 10. Often live in a heartless manner. 11. Don’t stand up to authority 12. Don’t like to innovate anything, 13. Prefer to blend in, than to stand out, 14. Prefer to save money for no specific purpose, rather than to spend it on solving the world’s problems 15. Shun opportunities to open the heart further… 16 Live life with from a limited perspective, rather than unlimited perspective, 17. Don’t openly share love, wisdom, or power, 18 Live life as ‘nothing matters’… rather than ‘everything matters’…. no fear eh?


One comment

  1. I read it and feel quite addressed or tackled(?) I consider myself as fearless. Although… maybe now quite fearless. Reading your list makes me wonder. You see, it took me quite some time to get back to life after discovering the truth. I stopped living and just now start feeling like living again with visible proofs. I’m proud of that and happy about it. But I don’t wanna get stuck in it. Then that turns for me into a kind of fear. That I’m too much focused on results and then I loose it….again….


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