September Mercury Goes Retrograde One Week Before Wave X Gamma Radiation Peak… Are You Noticing The Effects Of Both?

Mercury Goes Retrograde One Week Before Wave X Gamma Radiation Peak…  Are You Noticing The Effects Of Both?

Earthlings~ How ya doin’? If you are focusing on raising your frequency, then you develop more sensitivity, this can usually be a blessing for most planets are not as chaotic as earth is…  usually on other planets when you become more sensitive, this allows you to more finely tune your relationship to everything around us… it is desired…

As our solar system enters Wave X which a strong portion of the photon belt which is gamma radiation that our galaxy emits from the core and outward…

Essentially the age of the Aquarius is here, and it gets expressed in us, as we upgrade ourselves, both with focused intention, and also by our environment…

In essence, our DNA is being highly activated… but the first wave of ascension at this point, is not resulting in huge numbers, as many humans still live in fear and resonate with toxicity.

Sananda On September 28th High Photon Energy: First Ascension May Be For “Few” Who Will Return In Crystalline Bodies, Others May Suddenly Awaken; Much Work Still Ahead… The “Next” Supper With “Jesus”


This alone would be a sensitive situation, but we also have Mercury going retrograde… so this is going to ‘shake things up’ on many levels:

From IBT News: “The planet Mercury rules communication, travel, contracts, automobiles, and such. So, when Mercury is retrograde, remain flexible, [you should] allow time for extra travel and avoid signing contracts. Review projects and plans at these times, but wait until Mercury is direct again to make any final decisions,” the Old Farmer’s Almanac explained.

Not everything will be bad, astrologically speaking, during the Mercury retrograde period, which runs through Oct. 9. “Mercury rules anything that begins with “re”: redo, reassess, repair, repeat, redesign, revisit. It’s always human nature to want to hear that new opportunities are coming our way, but we really do need to focus on the quality of our work and improve it to the best it can be,” Susan Miller, author of Astrology Zone, wrote.

During this Mercury retrograde period, astrologer Larry Schwimmer predicts political upheaval and a stock market slide.”


Humanity will be individually and collectively doing some major resetting… this is likely to happen in the financial situation, which we all know, is a corrupt and unfair system that was designed for reptilian family values, where everybody eventually resorts to scratching each other and eating bugs. haha…


The gamma radiation is an agitation energy… that has an activation energy to it… this Wave X WHICH IS BUILDING IN INTENSITY TOWARDS PEAK ON SEPTEMBER 28TH, could represent a few things:

Those who have been detoxing their energy field, may feel a ‘blip upwards’ in energy… in all aspects of life… life gets easier… with less friction towards others.

Those who are toxic and resist Light itself… vampire-ish…. can’t walk into a room without generating static electrical friction…. those who wear dark shades, and generally avoids eye contact and smiles… those types… may find themselves lashing out… snarling… angry… towards exhaustion, and perhaps needing to sleep lots… as this confused state of being gets sorted out… think of what it must be like to eat low energy dead foods your whole life, and little else… nothing but the television, the illuminati music and the reptilian value systems of the concrete jungle AND THEN ENTER AN ENVIRONMENT OF HIGH GAMMA RADIATION THAT AWAKENS DNA… these ones often come to falsely think God is an illusion and of no consequence… thinking is unclear and towards using other lifeforms… you might know of someone who regularly needs energy, but what they are really needing is more love and an effective detoxifying lifestyle.

-You might find people are experiencing this time, as intense… as a resetting… as a time to ‘keep it steady’… there is only so much stress a person can take, and people are feeling more stress because our generally accepted culture, is out of alignment with our galactic environment AND OUR DNA UPGRADE.

Those who are solid in their energy field and grounded, might find others lashing out at them for “no reason”… just old stuff often, coming to the surface to be released forever… but there’s no reason to be a punching bag is there? And there’s no reason to take other people’s responses to life which includes you, personally… accept, respect and love, that’s how the universe gets along with each other.

Don’t be surprised if you feel urges to completely change things in your life, no, you are not going crazy, it might be a moment of clarity, as you rise up through the fog as a phoenix renewed by the fires.

In summary~  From Sept. 18th to early October, are going to be intense times of change, that can be experienced as chaotic or cathartic…

If you feel these words are untrue, then nonetheless it is curious to know that the date highlighted as deadline for climate chaos is Sept. 25:

Remember “500 days to climate chaos”? Pope to give …

Aug 5, 2015 – If success isn’t reached on this very important matter by exactly Friday,September 25, 2015, chaos of the climate variety will definitely ensue.

“500 Days to Climate Chaos”? – Truthstream Media…/remember-500-days-to-climatechaos-pope-to-…

Jul 29, 2015 – If success isn’t reached on this very important matter by exactly Friday,September 25, 2015, chaos of the climate variety will definitely ensue.


If you resist change and Light itself, you may be challenged, and if you welcome change and your upgrade towards crystalline status, you may be riding these times on a golden age wave of pure love… with either style, you shall eventually get to the party as a crystalline human, if you deeply feel this is your destiny, and no longer wish to die a physical death as a 3D homo sapien…. “homo sapien” bids it’s farewell on this planet and “homo crystos”, rises up from the cleansing by fire, amidst the clawing of the mindless masses, and the heavenly choirs of heaven itself.  We can look at this transition time, as moving from mind-based living, to heart-based living… actually fairly simple stuff eh?

Feel free to do yourself a favour and peruse the headlines at Prophecy Chief, and see if there is any reason to look deeper beyond what is presented to you at the surface of everything. 


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