Earth Is Farting Methane Right Now, Resulting In Massive Die-Off Of World’s Fish, Check The List!

Earth Is Farting Methane Right Now, Resulting In Massive Die-Off Of World’s Fish, Check The List!

Zetas are saying lots of these mass animal and fish deaths are due to tectonic movement, that releases methane gas into the waterways and air… as of right now, this trend is stronger than ever, so please no fear… but be informed, that methane and oxygen depletion are real issues for humanity.

Methane Death

As the Zetas have long explained, the Earth changes, plate movements of the 7 of 10 scenarios especially, cause rock layers to slide across each other, releasing trapped methane gas. Birds are acutely sensitive to methane, thus the canary in the coal mine situation where miners are warned of methane in the air when their canaries stop chirping. Bird deaths around the world were featured in Issue 211 of this newsletter, and were mentioned within ZetaTalk in 2005 and 2007 when there were Earth fart days.

Check the list over the last few months…

  1. Story image for fish die from

    Thousands of Fish Die in Shandong Reservoir 15, 2015
    Thousands of fish have died in the Jufeng Reservoir in Rizhao city in east China’s Shandong Province, due to heavy rains that had led to a …
  2. Story image for fish die from The Cairo Post

    Second mass fish die-off in Rosetta branch in summer

    The Cairo Post-Sep 14, 2015
    CAIRO: Thousands of dead fish were seen floating on the Nile River Sunday in Beheira, Delta; more than 1,000 kilos of fish were collected to …
  3. Story image for fish die from KY3

    Hundreds of fish killed in Benton County, Missouri pond

    KY3-Sep 11, 2015
    fish kill in Benton County left hundreds of fish dead. Nathan Manning was feeding his cows one day when he noticed dead fishfloating in his …
  4. Story image for fish die from FOX40

    150000 Fish Die After Routine Maintenance at Trout Hatchery

    FOX40-Sep 9, 2015
    Routine pipe maintenance at the American River Fish hatchery Tuesday … The 150,000 fish lost would have been planted in spring 2016.
    More than 155000 trout die at American River Hatchery
    Highly Cited-Sacramento Bee-Sep 8, 2015

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  5. Story image for fish die from Hindustan Times

    Fish die when out of water, it’s not slaughter: Maha govt

    Hindustan Times-Sep 11, 2015
    Advocate general Anil Singh replied, “Fish die the moment they are out of water. So there is no slaughter involved. The sentiment of ahimsa is …
  6. Story image for fish die from ITV News

    Investigation into slurry leak after thousands of fish die

    ITV News-Sep 11, 2015
    An investigation into a slurry leak, which killed thousands of fish in the … Thousands of fish, including trout and salmon, died, and officers …
  7. Story image for fish die from High Country News

    Mapping fish die-offs in warming waters

    High Country News-Sep 4, 2015
    Fish, as you are perhaps aware, need water, which is exactly what the West doesn’t … And, of course, the alarming Columbia sockeyedie-off.
  8. Story image for fish die from TIME

    Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Up on Tianjin’s Shores, a Week After 

    TIME-Aug 20, 2015
    I got up close to the massive fish die-off in #Tianjin, and now plan to never do anything like that again. #China
    Chinese authorities investigate mass fish death near Tianjin 
    In-Depth-The Guardian-Aug 20, 2015

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  9. Story image for fish die from

    Disease kills 150000 fish in hatchery’s 2nd major die-off this year 21, 2015
    An adult steelhead shown in the water. More than 150,000 juvenile steelhead have died in a hatchery on the North Umpqua River.
  10. Story image for fish die from Rhode Island Public Radio

    DEM Scientists Look Into Dying Schools Of Fish

    Rhode Island Public Radio-1 hour ago
    Scientists from the Department of Environmental Management are investigating fish die-offs in the Seekonk River and Pawtuxet Cove
    Story image for fish die from Fox News

    Brazil activist says thousands of fish die in Rio de Janeiro lagoon 

    Fox News-Aug 29, 2015
    Brazilian environmentalist and biologist Mario Moscatelli says thefish most likely died because of insufficient oxygen due to pollutants and …
    Story image for fish die from TimesLedger

    Kissena Lake now safe after fish die-off

    TimesLedger-Aug 21, 2015
    The city Parks Department said Kissena Lake in Flushing is safe for fish again after at least 150 fish died last week due to an algae bloom …
    Story image for fish die from Marshfield Mail (subscription)

    Fish die-off at Table Rock sites caused by natural events

    Marshfield Mail (subscription)-Aug 31, 2015
    Based on observations and readings that have been taken, depleted oxygen appears to be what caused the fish to die at all sites. In these …
    Story image for fish die from KOMO News

    Fish die as vegetable oil runoff from fire enters creek

    The Columbian-Aug 19, 2015
    Many of the fish killed near the site of the fire were fingerling salmon, but at least a few larger salmon also died. The Native American name of …
    Story image for fish die from Belfast Newsletter

    Hundreds of fish die in Co Antrim river

    Belfast Newsletter-Aug 25, 2015
    The Northern Ireland Environment Agency and DCAL Fisheries staff are investigating a major fish kill on the Ballymartin River in Co Antrim.
    Story image for fish die from KTRK-TV

    Officials explain cause of dead fish washing up in Baytown lake

    KTRK-TV-Sep 4, 2015
    A large amount of dead fish washed up Friday in Baytown, but Texas … Mitchell says as the fish die, even more oxygen is removed from the …
    Story image for fish die from KSMU Radio

    MDC Identifies Cause of Fish Die-Offs at Table Rock

    KSMU Radio-Aug 20, 2015
    Biologists with the Missouri Department of Conservation believe fishthat have been found dead recently at Table Rock Lake died from natural …
    Story image for fish die from NDTV

    In Defense of Meat Ban, Government Stuns With Comments on Fish

    NDTV-Sep 11, 2015
    Fish die the moment they are out of water. So there is no slaughter involved,” the government’s top lawyer, Anil Singh, told the Bombay High …
    Story image for fish die from AsiaOne

    Fish die-off puts Tianjin residents on edge

    AsiaOne-Aug 22, 2015
    Dead fish are seen on the banks of Haihe river at Binhai new district in Tianjin, … It instead blamed the die-off on a lack of oxygen due to high …
    Netizen Voices: Tianjin Fish Filets
    China Digital Times-Aug 21, 2015

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    Story image for fish die from Post-Bulletin

    Department of Fish and Wildlife fights trout die-off

    Lodi News-Sentinel-Sep 11, 2015
    GOLD RIVER — The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is working to keep hundreds of thousands of trout alive at the American River …
    Story image for fish die from Alaska Dispatch News

    For second year in a row, dozens of fish found dead in Kobuk River

    Alaska Dispatch News-Aug 19, 2015
    In this file photo, a fish die-off leaves chum salmon carcasses along the shore of the Kobuk River on Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014. Some fish have …

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