Apocalyptic And Prophetic Last Few Days! Two Volcanoes In Mexico, Japan Volcano, And Major Gulf Of California Earthquakes

Apocalyptic And Prophetic Last Few Days!  Two Volcanoes In Mexico, Japan Volcano, And Major Gulf Of California Earthquakes

1 Two Mexican Volcanoes Erupt At Same Time


2.  Japan Volcano

3.  Major Gulf Or California Earthquakes including a  6.9 (they downgraded it to 6.6…. this is a big earthquake isn’t it?)

4.  Folks~  If the Zetas from Zetatalk are deceiving humanity, then why are they more accurate for this sort of thing, than many news sources… the ring of fire is sizzling, our earth is wobbling… and humanity doesn’t seem to want to know why… mother earth is definitely cleansing… but is there something ‘out there’ that is triggering ever-greater ‘cleansing’ activity? Biggest News Of Our Lifetimes Since Year 2003: Record Hurricanes, Record Fireballs, Record Earthquakes and Volcanic Activity, Record Magnetosphere Activity, Record Weather, Earth Wobble

A few weeks ago… news out regarding Panama locks crack… related?

Story image for panama lock crack from JOC.com

Panama Canal: Lock cracks unlikely to delay expansion schedule

JOC.com-Aug 24, 2015
Discovery of cracks in one of the new Panama Canal locks is not expected to affect the waterway’s scheduled mid-2016 opening to larger ships …
New Panama lock cracked
IHS Maritime 360-Aug 24, 2015
New Panama Canal Leaks
The Maritime Executive-Aug 23, 2015
An Adventure on the Panama Canal
International Living-Aug 23, 2015

Indian in the machine


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