ET Visits DC Again?! 9:27 Ascension Fireball/Spaceship Over Washington DC

WATCH: Washington Monument Camera Shows 'Fireball' Meteor in Thursday Night Sky

ET Visits DC Again?! 9:27 Ascension Fireball/Spaceship Over Washington DC

Dear readers~

The symbolism around the dates September 22-28 are numerous and coming from a wide variety of sources… the latest one is a ‘fireball’ that was seen over Washington DC on September 10th… at 9:27 pm…

WATCH: Washington Monument Camera Shows ‘Fireball’ Meteor in Thursday Night Sky

September 27 has been mentioned from galactic sources that a first wave of ascension may begin around Sept 27-29… and is one of the most important dates in our history…

September 2015, Eclipses, Equinox, Wave X And Miraculous Divine Plan

Archangel Michael: On September 29 Celestial Portal, 144,000 Christed Matrix Grid Template, New Perceived Reality For 1/3 Mankind

Archangel Michael: September 28/15 First Wave Ascension Connected To Cosmic Wave-X Gamma Radiation 

An Open Call For All Channelers: Ask These 15 Questions Relating To September Events, and Possible 2015-2016 Events, And We Will Compare Them

Archangel Michael: On September 29 Celestial Portal, 144,000 Christed Matrix Grid Template, New Perceived Reality For 1/3 Mankind

Prepare For Superhumans Walking Earth, As September Gamma Radiation From Photon Belt, Activates 97% Dormant DNA 

Breaking!! Archangel Michael Now In Human Form, Describes September Event Horizon, “Most Extraordinary Event In History”

First Wave Of Ascension On September 27, 2015? Prep., Comments, And Considerations

2.  The darkside has its own ideas about September… but according to divine messages… this is OLD ENERGY THAT IS NOT IN OUR TIMELINE OR DESTINY… still, these ones may mess with our lives in some way… in their attempt to rule the world.

911 Connection To September 2015; Is It Happening Again? This Time Combined Disasters And/Or Freedom!

Montague Keen: “The banks have planned their “FALL” for the 23 September.”

Breaking! September World Takeover Attempt In Peril! Earth To Receive Strong Universal Energy Wave In End Of July, Beginning Of August!! Cabal Now In Defeat Mode! 

Major Alert! Cabal Has Plans To Destroy As Much As They Can In September

9:23 Philadelphia Train Derailment! (Video) Sept 23 “Coincidence”!!! 

Jeruzalem Horror Film Points To Hell Opening On YOM KIPPUR (September 23, 2015)

Predictive Programming From 911 To September 22-28, 2015… Why Do They Do It?… Reprogram Earth Grid And YOUR Conscious And Sub-conscious Minds For Divine Plan

Illuminati Know What Is Coming September 22-28, 2015 (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4), Combined Disasters Warning!

3.  Many ‘fireballs’ are actually spaceships… it is certainly curious that it happened on September 10, at 9:27 over Washington… perhaps it is a message from our star family, to the cabal and to the world, that the time of dark control is over, and that the ascension of humanity is not something that any human can prevent.

4. We remember one of the more significant ufo sightings in the world, happened over Washington in 1952… is it the same visitors saying ‘hello’?

Breakdown – 1952 UFOs Over Washington DC Video …

Sep 5, 2013 – Uploaded by ParaBreakdown

In July of 1952, an event happened in Washington DC that shook the City to it’s core! What was it that was …

Most Famous UFO Sighting: Washington,DC 1952 – YouTube

Mar 12, 2013 – Uploaded by Viral Quickies This UFO footage is probably the best evidence ever for extraterrestrial life visiting …

UFO over Washington DC. Film Footage from 1952 – YouTube

Dec 16, 2007 – Uploaded by PodcastPlayhaus – This video of film footage does indeed show a pattern of lights that would …

Revisiting the 1952 Washington DC UFO Flap, page 1 – Above Top Secret

Nov 30, 2014 – 20 posts – ‎11 authors

“A few days prior to the incident, a scientist, from an agency that I can’t name and I were talking about the build-up of reports along the east …

The 1952 Washington D.C. UFO Incident – HowStuffWorks

The 1952 UFO incident in WashingtonD.C. and Andrews AFB caused a swarm of attention and concern for security. Check out the Washington UFO incident.

UFODC-Obama Adviser Says Documented UFO/ET …

May 19, 2010 – UFODC: July 1952 UFO/ET hyperdimensional flyover of U.S. Capitol ….“The 1952 Washington D.C. UFO incident, also known as the  …

The month that E.T. came to D.C. – The Washington Post…dc/…/gJQAZp2ayW_story.html

Jul 20, 2012 – Front page of The Washington Daily News on July 28, 1952 following an alleged UFO sighting in the D.C. metropolitan area. (The Washington  …

1952 Washington D.C. Sightings, UFO Casebook Files

1952 Washington D.C. Sightings. Photograph – Washington D.C. UFOs. During the dawn of Ufology in the United States, unidentified flying objects made …

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