Zetatalk: Don’t Be Fooled! September 23 Asteroid Rumours Designed To Create Confusion Around Possible UN September Nibiru Announcement

Zetatalk: Don’t Be Fooled! September 23 Asteroid Rumours Designed To Create Confusion Around Possible UN September Nibiru Announcement

The people actively promoting the September 23 asteroid rumors seek to cloud the announcement over a legitimate threat – Nibiru’s pending passage – with this nonsense. No asteroid will strike nor pass close, and they hope that by confusing an asteroid threat with Nibiru itself, that the announcement will be belittled and cast aside. Oh, that, the public will say, it was only an asteroid hit that did not occur. Thus the REAL threat, which the public should take seriously, will be ignored. The group pushing this disinformation is identical to the cover-up crowd. This group wants the public to remain ignorant until the end for the convenience of the elite.

Why would the cover-up crowd think that the announcement is going to happen during the last week of September? Let us count the clues. Pope Francis is going to address the UN in New York City on September 23. Putin is rumored to be attending also on that date. China’s Premiere Xi is meeting with Obama at the White House for a state dinner and will be at the UN on September 28. Since Obama’s partners on the announcement include Putin and Xi, might this be an announcement of the announcement date in some way?


September is shaping up to be a most interesting time for humanity… imagine what would happen if there was a worldwide announcement from the UN, regarding Nibiru…  are you prepared for this? Emotionally? Mentally?  Physically? Spiritually? Are you ready to help the masses who may not be as prepared as you?

Prophecy Chief


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