Obama Star Commander Vs.The Beast, “Most Vicious, Ruthless, And Bloodthirsty Opposition Ever Known On Any Planet”, According To Galactics

Obama Star Commander Vs.The Beast, “Most Vicious, Ruthless, And Bloodthirsty Opposition Ever Known On Any Planet”, According To Galactics

NEW EARTH TIMES – A glaring present example of damage to the collective mental shield is the hatred for President Obama, in spite of his obviously gentle kindness and steady Light.  He came here to hold off chaos in a world completely controlled by the dark cabal, yet even Lightworkers blame him for not having forged ahead alone to defeat the cabal.  Of course, had he followed his heart’s desire and done that, he would not have lived to give a single inspiring speech or to guide the behind-the-scenes revolution he has steadfastly nurtured.
Together with other undercover Lightworkers, he has brought the U.S. to the moment of releasing the RV, NESARA and all the other revolutionary changes that will fuel the New Golden Age.  Only now can we publicly give credit to the beloved Sirian Commander who risked all to hold the Light against the most vicious, ruthless and bloodthirsty opposition ever known on any planet.  He has remained under our protection and guidance as he carried out the most difficult challenge of all – to remain balanced, calm and unruffled while under constant attack.  He is here to show you what it looks like to be intact.  This is the most valuable lesson a leading Lightworker can offer in this time of transition.
Indian in the machine:  Things are not always as they seem, and this is certainly the case with Obama… a possible hybrid clone (from Egyptian royalty), with no birth certificate, no real history as we know it… who was geneticaly engineered to rule the world, but ended up saving the world… could this be possible? If you are not aware of the secret cloning project, and it’s effect on world leadership, it is time to PAY ATTENTION!

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