New Normal: Earth Wobble, Weather Extreme, Earthquake Upticks, Second Sun Sightings

New Normal: Earth Wobble, Weather Extreme, Earthquake Upticks, Second Sun Sightings

On the one hand the Earth wobble is evident, the Sun rising and setting where it ought not, the Moon well out of position, the weather and tides extreme, the uptick in earthquakes and volcanism obvious, and Second Sun and Moon Swirl sightings increasingly captured on video. On the other hand, official sites such as the SOHO and Stereo sites pronounce all is normal and provide regular images that seemingly prove this point. But the Council of Worlds is allowing a steady slip of the cover to reveal the truth about the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system.

IITM:  Interesting, that so much can be happening all around us, and yet there is also a feeling that everything is ‘normal’… how far will humans take ignorance, when at any point, we can come to terms with what is transpiring.  Is ignorance bliss, or is it just ignorant! Imagine an animal, who has no idea what is transpiring in their environment… the animal would be considered ‘unwell’.

163 F (73 C) Record Heat In Iran , Frying Eggs On Sidewalk, Pylons Melting In The Streets! Zetas Say Earth Wobble Is More Extreme

Zetas Say Mystery Of Dust Storms Sweeping World, Is Due To Earth Wobble, And Wafting Tail Of Planet X/Nibiru!

Worldwide Earth Weather Extremes Will Suddenly Make Sense, With Earth Wobble Time Lapse Gif

Now We’ve Got Unusual Tidal Waves, Strange Weather, Record Earthquakes, Record Fireballs, Bending Magnetosphere, Weather And Earth Wobble, High Volcanic Activity and More… Why?

ULTIMATE LINK! Secret Bible’s Secret Nibiru Prophecies!!! Zombies, Firestorms and Hailstorms, Tidal Waves, Flood, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Human Brain Malfunctions, Sky Wobble, Red Dust, Pithouses

When A Planet Wobbles, Does It Affect Health?

Zetatalk: “The Closer Planet X Comes, The More Violent The Wobble.”

Inuit Elders Say Earth Shifted, Wobbled Or Tilted… Confirming ET Zetatalk Poleshift Information


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