BC, Canada Good Locale For Upcoming Earthquakes, Pole Shift And Volcanic Eruptions? Er… You Better Read This Bigtime Reality Check!

BC, Canada Good Locale For Upcoming Earthquakes, Pole Shift And Volcanic Eruptions? Er… You Better Read This Bigtime Reality Check!

Hey BC!  You might want to read this… especially if you live in the high congested part of the area near Vancouver… information is courtesy of the Zetas.

One road for all those cities… if there was ever a coastal evacuation? Ay ay ay… people… are you serious?  Are you serious?

icon British Columbia

Along the rugged west coast of North America, British Columbia will experience some of the plate subduction problems troubling the western part of the United States, but with a difference. Canada, in this area, will be stretched, with it’s upper part attached to the all the way over the North Pole, into Russia. As the western United States is pushed and crumpled, the lands it is attached to will be stretched. This tends to alleviate any crumpling that occurs due to the subducting Pacific plate, a trade-off. Nevertheless, this makes for a rugged ride, as these adjustments are never smooth, here crumpling, there stretching, so being on solid rock to lessen the impact is wise. Solid rock is less likely to crumple or shift, the pressure shifting to soil or broken rocks nearby.

In addition, the southern portion of British Columbia is close the Mt. St. Helen volcano, which will surly erupt during the shift, at times violently. Firestorms are created due to air turbulence over volcanoes, the super-heated air creating petrochemicals drifting in the tail of the 12th planet, which is lashing the Earth’s atmosphere as the 12th Planet passes between the Earth and the Sun. Thus, where these walls of fire can fall anywhere, they are more likely in the vicinity of volcanoes. Winds will move in all directions, in chaos, during the hour of the shift. Those living near volcanoes or in forested areas that can be set afire should seek shelter in the earth, in bermed structures or those with metal or sod roofs, until the hour of the shift has passed.

Cities clustered along the Continental Divide, particularly in what is now the southern portions of British Columbia, will find the ride through the pole shift particularly stressful. The Continental Divide represents the point of pressure where subducting plates have forced themselves under overplates, and thus this will be the point there the divide moves further inland. Thus, sudden breaks in the rock, rock stratas jerking suddenly upwards and no longer level where they were before, can be expected. Water mains, housing, roads and bridges, and even the direction that rivers flow will be disrupted. After the shift, British Columbia will be well situated, with a warm climate near the ocean, and high ground that will be above the water line when the poles have melted.


The Caribou region, at the 100 Mile House, is likely to have volcanic ash blowing down toward Vancouver Island, rather than overland in British Columbia, though you would have volcanoes on either side of you.

ZetaTalk ™ January 2, 2011

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In the news!

  1. Fraser Valley shaken by second earthquake this week

    CBC.ca-Aug 29, 2015
    A small earthquake shook the Fraser Valley early this morning just after 4:30 a.m. PT. … Earthquakes rattle West Coast and B.C. Interior.
  2. Story image for west coast earthquake canada from Raw Story

    Officials link big Canadian earthquake to fracking by Malaysian firm

    Raw Story-Aug 26, 2015
    It was preceded by a 3.9-magnitude quake in July the same year, also … on Canada’s west coast to ship gas fracked from the region overseas.
  3. Story image for west coast earthquake canada from CBC.ca

    Earthquakes rattle West Coast and BC Interior

    CBC.ca-Apr 24, 2015
    The second quake, which was measured as 6.1 ML by Earthquakes Canada (M6.2 by the USGS) struck in the ocean just off the southern tip of …
  4. Story image for west coast earthquake canada from CBC.ca

    Japanese tsunami victim to reunite with his boat in BC

    CBC.ca-Aug 24, 2015
    A Japanese fisherman who lost his livelihood when the 2011earthquake and tsunami struck, … of Klemtu, one of the many places on the West Coast where tsunami … Karasawa met Sasaki, and is bringing him to Canada.
  5. Story image for west coast earthquake canada from KRCRTV.COM

    Geologist: Earthquake called the ‘Really Big One’ isn’t hoax

    KRCRTV.COM-5 hours ago
    An earthquake called the ‘Really Big One’ is causing a stir for … to be around 800 miles running from Cape Mendocino to parts ofCanada. … He said as the West Coast moves West, a segment of the seafloor is moving East.
  6. Story image for west coast earthquake canada from Canada.com

    ‘Catastrophic’ quake and tsunami brewing off west coast

    Canada.com-Dec 26, 2014
    Megaquakes on North America’s west coast are rare but they occur like …. Bureau of Canada, estimates costs as a result of large quakein …
  7. Story image for west coast earthquake canada from CBC.ca

    Blasting debris strikes Cape Ray home, narrowly misses teen

    CBC.ca-Aug 26, 2015
    A family on the west coast of Newfoundland are shaken after an … of their home shake, as though they were experiencing an earthquake.
  8. Story image for west coast earthquake canada from CBC.ca

    BC megathrust earthquake will rip earth open like a zipper, expert says

    CBC.ca-Jan 19, 2015
    -Alison Bird, Natural Resources Canada seismologist. … When the next megathrust quake hits, residents on the west side of Vancouver Island will … to accurately determine the exact time the earthquakestruck the West Coast.
    Earth will rip open like a zipper, expert says, when overdue 
    Highly Cited-Toronto Star-Jan 18, 2015

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  9. Story image for west coast earthquake canada from CTV News

    Earthquake strikes off west coast of Vancouver Island

    CTV News-Jan 8, 2015
    Earthquakes Canada, the federal agency that monitors the natural phenomenon across the country, said the quake hit just after 6 p.m. …

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