First Wave Of Ascension: Creating The First Wave Of True Superhumans; It’s Like Going Through A Death And Purification

First Wave Of Ascension:  Creating The First Wave Of True Superhumans; It’s Like Going Through A Death And Purification

1. What is the first wave of ascension?

This involves the first wave of humans who have agreed to consciously raise their frequency to ‘lead the way home’… since none of us actually come from the third dimension; this dimension is slow heavy, that souls forget that no soul comes from physicality… instead souls are birthed in light… so the return home, is a return to the light. Along the way, is the ASCENSION from 3D to 5D… which is the part that exciting to all of Creation, because it is the first time a human species will do so in the same bodies, on an ascending planet; homo sapien is dying out… and homo luminous is being born.

(Radio is now playing “Feels like the first time”)

2. Who can be on the first wave?

Really… anyone who want to and is willing to do the work… but it will be mostly made up of those who have been ‘leading the way’ in spiritual and loving terms, and who have prepared their bodies, and who are ready.

First Wave Of Ascension: Preparation And Insights For The 144,000 Lightworkers

3.  How can one prepare their body for the first wave or higher frequencies of the waves to follow?

Drinking lots of water…. shedding illusion… eating light-based foods… having higher frequency thoughts and emotions… mastering levels of presence (not living in pain of past, or fear of future), living form higher self instead of ego…. unifying with other lifeforms, rather than competing… living heart-based. You have broken out of old habits that no longer are relevant, first wavers are comfortable with the unknown, and are not in fear of anything much, if at all.

4.  Why does preparing for the first wave of ascension, feel like going through a death?

Well… it’s like this… the old within all of us is dying… and making way for the new… a human is essentially preparing for a whole new reality, and is in fact, CREATING that reality…with PRESENCE and THOUGHTFORMS AND FEELINGS OF LOVE.  Many of our concepts of self, are now dissolving, and we are learning to live as an unlimited rather than a limited being…. so lots of changes here!  Along the way a first waver, may not feel at ‘home’ in the old energies, and will see ‘limited thoughtforms’, which most humans were brainwashed to have, as something to not resonate to.

5.  The waves of ascension are related to the waves of the photon belt! (A band of gamma radiation surrounding this galaxy).

Archangel Michael: September 28/15 First Wave Ascension Connected To Cosmic Wave-X Gamma Radiation

6.  The first wave of ascension is mostly made up of ascended masters or those who have no further needed lesson in 3D?

Basically, it goes something like that.

7. The first wave of ascension involves clearing energy on all levels…

Yes… everything will come down to love… for all of us, but certainly for those who choose to keep these existing bodies, and transmute them into a new species.

8.  Will the first wave of ascension be the first wave of superhumans.

Yes!  There have been MK-ultra humans who have had superhuman abilities… but these abilities only came from being tortured and trained, and controlled by a ‘handler’…. a true superhuman doesn’t need a handler.

Imagine having all your DNA activated, and using all your brain power… being telepathic… able to teleport…. and all sorts of magical funness. :)

9.  The idea is for the first wave of ascension to be as large as possible?

Yes, Creator wants as many christ conscious beings covering the earth as possible, this is sure to wake up the rest!

First Wave Of Ascension: Covering Earth With Christs! 

10.  If I am too practical does it hinder my ability to ‘clear my energy and raise my frequency’?

Yea… this process is a heartfelt process, not something you can think your way through.

Mother God: First Wave Of First Wave Is At The Gates… Being 3D Practical Is Harming Your Opportunity To Ascend

First Wave Of Ascension On September 27, 2015? Prep., Comments, And Considerations

11.  Don’t these dates come and go and nothing happens?

Sometimes, and that is only because it appears that way… everything is always happening and don’t forget it!

12.  Does a lot of these messages come from demons?

Some messages may be channeled by dark forces, however alll energy IS channeled… energy comes from our Creator, it’s just how you choose to use it… for more love, or more fear… channeled messages are not evil, any more than your pen and paper are evil, if you wrote a ‘bad note’.

13.  Some of the surest ways to not ascend?

-Try to do it in a group.

-Live a egoic-gased life.

-Being entertained by violence and low frequencies.

-Choosing to not learn your lessons.

-Believing all the bullshit all around us.

-Having limited thoughts.

-Having a need to control others.

-Having needs to prove yourself.

-Feeling greater or less than, who you actually are.

-Hating Creator

-Breaking the Laws of the Universe

-Selling your soul to satan; in reality no one’s soul can be sold, but that doesn’t mean people believe it.

-Being owned by your POSSESS-ions

-Being stuck in the past or future

-Not connecting with our star family and the Oneness.

-Not connecting with your Higher Self.

*Essentially every moment can be a blessing (service-to-others in unlimited consciousness) or a lesson (often stemming from being service-to-self in limited consciousness);  those who are ascending have learned their lessons, and have chosen blessings over lessons, while being fuller conscious of what they are creating and what they are experiencing, while being of service-to-others.  A service-to-others being, will bless those they do not resonate with, rather than projecting repulsion competitive or fear-based energy.

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