Zetatalk: Sept. 23 Asteroid Rumours, Disinformation, AAM Sept. 28 Ascension Date, Jewish Day Of Atonement, Pope’s UN Visit, 500 Day Climate Chaos Update


Zetatalk: Sept. 23 Asteroid Rumours, Disinformation, AAM Sept. 28 Ascension Date, Jewish Day Of Atonement, Pope’s UN Visit, 500 Day Climate Chaos Update

First the Zetatalk update….


What is the intent behind the prophecies and interpretations being pushed on the Internet about a September 23, 2015 asteroid strike? The soup of disinformation includes:

  1. A self-proclaimed prophet, Efrain Rodriguez, with zero accuracy prediction claiming in 2010 that an asteroid would hit the Atlantic and swamp the East Coast and Puerto Rico. No date for this disaster was given. Nothing has been heard from Rodriguez since.
  2. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius mumbling something on May 13, 2014 about “500 days”, which computes to September 23-24, 2015. As we explained, the 500 days was the number of days agreed to by Xi and Obama when they met in California re the announcement plans, not the date of the presser with Kerry where Fabius made the slip of the tongue.
  3. A self-proclaimed  channel claiming that 1/3 of humanity will ascend on September 28, 2015.
  4. The 2015 Jewish Day of Atonement occurs on September 23-24, 2015.
  5. The Pope is coming to New York City to address the UN on September 23, 2015.

All this was rolled into a pie and baked on the Internet. By whom, and why? NASA periodically talks about Near Earth Orbit (NEO) asteroids and their plans for defense, and have brought this down on themselves thus. In the past they have used asteroids as a cover for the debris in the tail of Planet X, aka Nibiru, and in step with the tenacious cover-up over the pending passage of Nibiru, were not about to tell the truth. Now the announcement is pending, perhaps even scheduled for late September, and the asteroid fear mongering is being used against NASA.

The people actively promoting the September 23 asteroid rumors seek to cloud the announcement over a legitimate threat – Nibiru’s pending passage – with this nonsense. No asteroid will strike nor pass close, and they hope that by confusing an asteroid threat with Nibiru itself, that the announcement will be belittled and cast aside. Oh, that, the public will say, it was only an asteroid hit that did not occur. Thus the REAL threat, which the public should take seriously, will be ignored. The group pushing this disinformation is identical to the cover-up crowd. This group wants the public to remain ignorant until the end for the convenience of the elite.


Indian in the machine:   Wow… there’s lots of developments and info., to sort through… which guidance do we believe? Which source is truthful or even, helpful?  As usual, as with everything, only the heart truly knows, while the mind, can only think that it knows.   In our quest to find reliable sources of information, keep in heart, how this game is actually being played out… any reliable source will not be 100% reliable, because what would be the point, if all we had to do is to follow a certain source, and not feeling truth for ourselves… so any reliable source, will have bit and pieces of untruth in it… that’s just how it is…. this includes messages from the Company of Heaven, Archangel Michael, or your favorite source of info…. none of it is 100% reliable… that’s why I encourage people to question everything, including my words.

My comments on the 5 points highlighted by the Zetas:

1. Asteroid coming? This reminds me of what Carol Rosin said that humanity would be led to believe that we had to go at war with asteroids… not true, and if it seems to happen it may be fake… keep in heart though, that many fireballs are real and are associated with spaceships or Nibiru debris: False Flag Progression: First Russian’s, Then, Terrorists, Next ‘Rogue Countries’, Followed By Asteroids, And Finally The Last Card…Extra-terrestrials  https://greenmeteors.wordpress.com/

Nibiru Tail Will Lick Earth: First “Red Dust” Falls From Sky, Then “Gravel”, Then “Boulders” And “Firestorms”

2. 500 days before climate chaos?  Yes it will be chaotic but more likely due to either Nibiru appearing in the sky… continuing to shake our reality loose, or hidden societal forces, who are gonna mess with our lives in some way… or BOTH!  However heaven has plans to remove dark souls from earth, who enjoy messing with the rest of us…

Why Are Dark Souls So Hard To Wake Up, And What Heaven Is Doing With 5 Million Cabal Souls Removed From Earth?

3. Referring to Michael Weebly’s channelings… they sure seem credible, but if they were truth, then there would be confirmation of the galactic Wave-X info. http://micahangel.weebly.com  somewhere… that is how Creator works.


Tons of photon belt related research: https://indianinthemachine.wordpress.com/?s=photon+belt

If Michael is not in the ballpark… then why would there be a RECENT host of GAMMA RADIATION-related headlines in the news… SUDDENLY so? Hmmmmmm??????

  1. Story image for gamma radiation from Phys.Org (press release) (blog)

    Scientists discover elusive gammaray pulsar with distributed 

    Phys.Org (press release) (blog)-Aug 7, 2015
    Fermi-LAT sky map with the celestial neighborhood of the newly discovered pulsar PSR J1906+0722 featuring several other gammaray …
  2. Story image for gamma radiation from Phys.Org

    Binary star system precisely timed with pulsar’s gammarays

    Phys.Org-Jul 31, 2015
    They can be observed through their lighthouse-like beams of radio waves and gammarays. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for …
  3. Story image for gamma radiation from Daily Mail

    Astronomers discover the biggest structure in the universe

    Daily Mail-Aug 4, 2015
    A US-Hungarian team recently discovered a ring of nine gamma raybursts, in nine distant galaxies, 5 billion light years across. For comparison …
    Giant Mystery Ring of Galaxies Should Not Exist
    In-Depth-Discovery News-Aug 4, 2015

    Explore in depth (52 more articles)
    Story image for gamma radiation from Livemint

    Blazar hunters: searching the night sky

    Livemint-53 minutes ago
    The only information he could find, based on its location in the night sky, was that the object emitted gamma rays—electromagnetic radiation of …

    Arktis, Scionix partnering on new radiation detection device

    BioPrepWatch-Aug 28, 2015
    Arktis Radiation Detectors and Scionix recently formed a partnership to research and develop a Silicon Plastic Readout (SIPR) gamma …
    By the way, Matt Kahn, is a master teacher, who was also given a related date:
    4.  Jewish Day of Atonement:  These ones… I would take notice of what they have planned… however, it is also possible, these ones will be removed from earth…. the false portion of this group, who control every aspect of our collective lives… or anyone who competes with humanity and God.  But take note… dark forces may blow shit up… bridges… gas lines… rivers… cities… and they might just be planning a  false flag to mess with the whole world, before they then take it over… it won’t go as they planned, but that does not mean they won’t try right?
    5.  As far as the pope goes… there does appear to be a visitation:

    Obama to host Pope Francis at White House in September …


    Obama to host Pope Francis at White House in September … first lady will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 23, apparently near the start of a visit — the first to the  …

    And… what are the plans?

    Stay atuned to Creator, as we figure out all this together… remember, dark forces have been at war with humanity to close of our HEARTS… only those who know love, will actually KNOW truth… the rest will just think they know.  I don’t expect anything but love, to make it through these times, so resist provocation to fight, compete, dominate, other lifeforms… and make sure you educate yourself in the ongoing process of ascension!
    Archangel Michael: September 28/15 First Wave Ascension Connected To Cosmic Wave-X Gamma Radiation

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