Incorrect, Drake!

Aug 24, 2015, 5000 Headlines Scream, “World Financial Markets Collapsing”, What Can We Expect?

Here are the headlines:

Global markets panicked by massive stock plunge in China

Toronto Star-10 hours ago
BEIJING—China’s stock market fell Monday by its biggest margin in eight years, defying the government’s multibillion-dollar attempt to stop a …
Stock Markets Tumble as Upheaval Continues
Featured-New York Times-1 hour ago
Markets Tumble Around the World — Live Analysis
Blog-Wall Street Journal (blog)-13 hours ago
Explore in depth (5,242 more articles)
What can we expect from here?
1.  Continued turmoil:  The point humans have actually proven to each other, is that greed doesn’t work, never did and never will…. soooooo are you looking to benefit from this, or to help out?
2.   You will either bless the world financial markets, or curse it, thus needing a further lesson… why not just love everything and everyone, so that everything you experience is a blessing… yes, bless the markets too, as they are… crashing, outdated… dens of greed that perpetuate unfairness.
3.   The money in your pockets isn’t exactly steady…. open up to love, don’t hoard…
4.   Prepare… prepare for systems getting shaken up… how that may turn out depends on how everyone reacts right?
5.   Turn to Creator:  Many humans are also trying to live without our Creator… and that means that egos want to run the world… are you ready to focus on Creator’s love, and to serve Creator, or will you go down in flames, serving your ego?
6.   A new financial system:  our galactics definitely want humanity to have a new financial system, the only problem with this, is that a person living with competition and ego, will shun love, and act like love is of no consequence…. folks, LOVE is the PRIMARY energy of our UNIVERSE…and it is the solution to EVERYTHING!
7.  Humans who make strange with love, will not fare well at these times… expect a bit of turbulence.
8.  Expect prayers to be answered, all prayers are answered… expect your prayers to help wake yourself up, to be particularly effective!
9.  Go easy on each other… if you see a neighbour has no food… feed them… don’t compete with the weak… instead show that you are big enough to help out those who are not as strong as you.
10.  Unification or separation: As the markets shift, either you will unify with your own species, or act like you are separate… do you really believe you are superior if you have separation and unloving consciousness?
11.  Question compound interest:  Do humans really need another lesson in the fact, that compound interest isn’t a good idea, if we are all to live financially equal across the planet… you have played the Monopoly game, so no need to explain further, since the game ALWAYS ends with someone owning it all.
12.  Getting real:  If you are a consumer, isn’t it time to learn how to live without money… you know, grow food and stuff.
13   Don’t be a victim, we all played along with earthly financial foolishness… we now know we must involve Creator in all aspects of our lives including a fair and equitable financial market for the entire world.
Money is not an end on to itself…
Don’t give up… every opportunity is an opportunity for more love… it might get rough out there… ever bit of roughness is an opportunity for more love.

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