September Visions: New Financial System, Multiple Disasters, ET Live Message, Chaos And New Superhumans Metamorphisize

September Visions:  New Financial System, Earthquakes Triggering Multiple Disasters, ET Live Message, Chaos, And New Superhumans Metamorphisize

Dear readers,  we are all hoping to get clearer on what may be transpiring this September… which is only a few weeks away… Earth AND our September moment, has the entire multiverse on the edges of their seats… here is a vision of what may be transpiring… and we keep in mind and heart, that our Creator, always has surprises for his earth children at this time, and we create space for Creator to be in our lives and to work WITH Creator, instead of INSPITE of Creator… you can tell who is who by the comments to this information:

There are two forces converging in September, in a big explosion of Light… the darkness suddently finds it’self without the energy it used to have… the Lightside suddently finds itself with more energy then ever before… this is due to the gamma radiation that is reaching earth.  Creator is definitely in control of this planet and always has been… in September, we will see more good fortune reach humanity… the financial system does come undone, but at the same time… there is a new financial system introduced before the darkside has a chance to create total mayhem… this could happen early September… and there WILL and CAN be partying in the streets… much of how this all goes depends on how humanity responds to quickly escalating events… will humanity choose love or fear?  Will you choose love or fear, when it all comes tumbling down?  Do you uplift others, or do you seek to drag others down to your level?  Why do you drag others down?  Why do you lift them up? Will you choose Unity or oneness consciousness?  Will you choose to activate the Christ within, which is WISDOM, POWER AND LOVE? Or will you be against wisdom, power or love, and express yourself as antichrist?  As things collapse around you will you grab a gun, or a feather? In your head, are you choosing a scenario where Creator does everything, and you personally, need to do very little?  Did you come to earth to serve yourself, even as the planet is about to break apart?  Are you able to serve Creator with all your love and to the deepest of your soul?  Such questions and more, are being answered in every moment.

Visions of what is to come~

1. New Financial System- This planet’s time of dark control is over… slowly but surely our galactic family are stepping closer to humanity… in fact, sometimes when a human is ‘hurt’, there may be an ’emergency crew’ stepping in of sorts… no less needed and more than ever, is more light, injected into our financial system… our ET family have been helping our greatly in this matter, mostly behind the scenes… prepare for a new world financial system, as world leaders realize that their game of control is in ‘checkmate’… if the Annunaki have turned to the Light, and so did the Reptilians and so have most of the Greys, then why not evil bankers and cabal who can definitely see the writing on the wall…  Each human learns about it’s power to bless every moment, instead of being a curse… this is how heaven within, is created, and then expressed as heaven on earth…. and friends, heaven on earth, may involve a worldwide and swift financial evaluation.

2. Significant Earthquakes Triggering Multiple Disasters-  Earth has reached a tipping point right now… earthlings… this is all for real… one day this year… and possibly beginning this September, there will be a particular earth movement, that will be so significant, it will trigger a cascade of related earth effects… a domino effect: imagine earth rippling through your neighbourhood… what would happen… would pipes burst, would dams collapse, would the road cracking in several places affect you… will gas lines rupture… c’mon be realistic!   The earth’s surface may continue to burn, until there is a brief period of evacution to inner earth or onto the spaceships of the good guys (the bad guys are basically no longer in the picture except those already ON earth)… This is all likely and very very real… too real, that most human rather be caught off guard… others will realize that it’s not all that bad… it’s about getting real with Creator.  This is not punishment, this is simply something to deal with.  Let us not forget a possible evacuation of coastlines during this time… are you listening? I hope so, you might have a chance if you are listening to Creator… question everything I tell you, in the end all this that you experience is between you and Creator.  Think and feel for yourself as a powerful individual united as One, rather than as a superior, fighting with your environment for illusionary power.  Love and only love shall get anyone through.

3.  ET Live Message- Something similar as in the Phoenix Journals, right BEFORE the significant earthquakes that trigger multiple disasters… there will be an ET message that will be sent to the entire world… calling us to unity with the multiverse, and to turn completely to love… It may go something like Phoenix Journal #1:

Phoenix Jouranl 1
Download – 6 MB
View PDF File – 6.8 MB
By Dorushka Maerd
114 pages (67)
“This journal which comes in ‘fantasy’ format is, in fact, TRUTH in every measure…”

“It was decided that we would first bring forth an ‘acceptable’ story line that would bear a particular message to the ones awaiting instructions and the knowledge that the time of final instructions and ‘countdown’ is at hand…”
This journal is about the adventures of three people and their encounters with Native Americans of the Sipapu and their Space Brothers. It describes their amazing experiences after showing up at the Nevada nuclear bomb test site for a protest.

You will also find revelations large and small. from the ancient past and the future. A fantastic, fun “fantasy “.

The Sipapu is the opening (gateway) through the Kiva to the “nether” lands of the ancient Anasazi Indians and their descendants in the south-west. This sensitive love-story of the “end-times” brings together a re-turning tribe of the Ancients from the past, a Pleiadian Space expedition from the “future”, and some “awakening volunteers” from Earth’s pre-sent. The plot climaxes with a “Gathenng” at which many “Masters” from the higher realms speak about the Prophecies and Revelations in these end-times. This manuscript was written in early 1987

This was THE first work by “dharma”, thought to be a Fantasy but now appreciated as the beginning of an en-Light-ening Reality Journey. With help from Little Crow of the Lakota, Dharma’s public mission of translation for Higher Teachers begins here.

Sipapu Odyssey was at one time in the early stage of being made into a motion picture utilizing the Pleiadian advanced technology of Futuronics.

4.  Chaos With More Light And Less Dark- Through all this, there are some very ‘hell bent’ humans who are going to use the coming disasters to take over the world… this plan is doomed to fail, and already has, but some are slower learners. So we can expect those who OWN EVERYTHING, to mess with humanity, with co-ordinated plans to shut things down, and to lead us all to the fema camps… through mismanagement, and tyranny, they shall reveal themselves… That story is old and done, where earthlings control one another from behind the scenes… the gamma radiation reaching earth is activating everyone towards love, and those who struggle with love shall die… those who live in love, shall live…   Do you rely on corporations for food and water and your other needs?  If so you might be given a wakeup call, especially if you never take a stand for yourself or even serve our Creator… September is a big game changing month…. Earth is becoming a showcase for Light… and so through all this shall come the greatest heroes the world has ever known… This is very exciting… for as some beings try to control you, you are going to free yourself… simple eh?  This will involve lots of chaotic energy mixing up… the Zetas, suggest that some of our lives, may look like ‘camping’ for a while… but we can also be assured as we aligned with the Oneness, then so too, shall we receive upgrades in our technologies…. the already freeflowing money from the new financial system, will speed things up greatly, free energy is just the BEGINNING of this process… with our galactic mentors, can you imagine what we can create, and be in complete joy!  ******Start your lists now of what you desire to create with the assistance of our multiverse family******

5.  New Superhumans Metamorphisize-  As earth enters a strong band of gamma radiation, our DNA starts to activate, and this creates new 5D expressed humans…. superhumans…. with super abilities… such as the ability to de-age… or the ability to disappear and reappear at will… this will be much fun for those who have come back from the first wave of ascension set to begin near the end of September.  These humans have had their DNA upgraded and have made the shift… their brains are operating at 100% instead of 5-20% as is the norm, now.   Their DNA will be crystalline, inshort… imagine you and me right now, as windows 95… and the new humans will be 1 million years beyond windows 95!

In short think of September as where everything in the illusion begins a great dissolving, and a great wave of Light cascades across the planet… life as we know it is ending, and life as a superhuman is beginning for those that choose love and only love… is it time for you to lay down your weapons that worked in the past but no longer, and to pick up your sword of truth and Love, and to shine brightly as Creator intends for all of us?

I have no intended to mislead with these words, only to enlighten and to share my visions… with love.

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