First Wave Of Ascension: Covering Earth With Christs!

First Wave Of Ascension: Covering Earth With Christs Everywhere!

No soul is left out of the opportunity to ascend to a higher frequency while retaining and upgrading the existing body… Sananda says this about the size of the first wave of ascension:

My opinion of what the Creator has in mind is that He is waiting until the last possible moment to gather as many Starseeds as possible into the first wave, so that there are the maximum number of Ascended Masters returning to do the maximum amount of good, to cover the Earth with Christs.

The bigger the first wave…. the more christ conscious beings can return to earth, to help those who are challenged by the shifting in consciousness of the earth’s surface. A christed human would be those who consciously access  the wisdom, power and love of our Creator, within.

Jesus Sananda was/is an example of what is possible for all of us…


Coming THIS September? New Financial System, Multiple Disasters, ET Live Message, Chaos, And New Superhumans Metamorphisize

Indian in the machine


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