What Are Our Extraterrestrial Star Family Doing Now With Planet Earth In 2015?

What Are Our Extraterrestrial Star Family Doing Now With Planet Earth In 2015?

This is a very complex subject, however, there are highlights to note, for our own benefit.  You see, it was not that long ago that the call was put out by earthlings, mother earth and others who reside upon her… for HELP!  Has that help come?  Yes!  Have most earthlings taken notice?  No!  Hence, I felt the calling to summerize what to look for, and what may be happening… as of 2015.

1.  Our ET star family have prevented our planet from being blown up… they have helped us to not attract Armageddon.

Life Sucks When You Undervalue Love Doesn’t It? Try Archangel Michael Love Affirmations

We Break Earth Quarantine With These 18 Laws! Pass Them On, Learn Them, And Live Them

St. Germain Gives Us A Hint Of The Tsunami Of Love, And Post-Revaluation of Currency

2.  Our ET family are helping mother earth, to become a star at the centre of the multiverse.

Pleiades High Council Hint Of the Return Of The “Gods” To Planet 


All Nibiru Watchers And Believers, Look Here: Questions Of September, Wave X, And The Notion Earth Now Entering The Centre Of The Multiverse

Mother’s Mini-Message # 16 – Earth Takes Her Place As the Heart of the Multiverse

Sanat Kumara Prophecies (1989): Earth Is Becoming A Sun, Almost All On Surface Of Earth Will Be Destroyed, Water Supply For Consumption, Diminishing, Volcanoes Will Erupt, Earthquakes Will Strike

3.  As our planet is slowly being restored through an ascension process, this means that all dark forces who have been vying to take over our planet, are slowly being removed, and in some cases, being taken to a temple of light for healing with our galactic family.

Final Two Weapons Of Cabal Explained By Ashtar, Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation Fleet

4.  Our ET family are neutralizing weaponry.

Humanity Has Lived Through The Last Nuclear War In The …

5.  Our ET family via the Company of Heaven, have started a radio show and a newsletter.

Radio show



Third Edition Of Heavenly Ascension Newsletter Hot Off Press (Archangel Michael Editor-In-Chief)

6.  Our ET family appear in the night sky often blending in with real phenomena:

a.  Flashing stars

Who Is Behind The Flashing Red, White, Yellow And Green “Stars”?


b.  Green Meteors and Fireballs

Big Unusual Event! Multi-Coloured Slow Moving Fireball… Seen Across 11 States

c.  Shooting stars

Watch Ashtar Command Lightship Briefly Appear Over Spain… Media Report Flaming Space Rock

d.  Near earth orbit and earth atmosphere

Ashtar Command Cigar-shaped Spaceships Silently Dominating Earth Atmosphere And Solar System; Ashtar Brings Earthlings A Message Of Forgiveness

Remarkable “Unhuman Timing”… Giant Cigar-Shaped Spaceship Poses Next To Sunburst, Another Ashtar Command Photobomb!

e.  A very large mothership known as “Phoenix” or “New Jerusalem”.

You Have Received An Invitation From Jesus Sananda On “The New Jerusalem” Ashtar Command Mothership, To Fireside Chat

6.  Our ET family are assisting us with Nibiru.

Zetatalk: Latest “Magnetic” Crop Circles Symbolize Earth Magnetosphere Getting Blasted From Nibiru

Nibiru on Google Sky? (ZetaTalk Confirmation for 2008 Leak)

7.  Our ET family are assisting us with the BIG EVENT… which may involve major physical shifts on the surface of the planet including a pole shift, flooding, earthquakes and fire burning up the surface of our planet in a renewal process.

What Will You Drink After The Pole Shift?

Zetas Call San Andreas Movie “Commendable… Sticks To The Facts ” And Says New Madrid Will Precede Major Adjustment Along San Andreas

When Earth Stops Rotating, As Described By Zetas: Earth Groans, Lightning, Poleshift, Wind, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Mountain Building, Tidal Waves, Flooding, New Geography, And Rebirth!

ET Commander Ashtar: Prepare For Worldwide Coming Event

COMING TO TERMS WITH IMPENDING EARTH UPHEAVAL “It is a sort of grieving process you are going through…a letting go”

It Is Raining “Blood” In Wyoming: More Proof Of Nibiru Tail Licking Earth? Likely, Yes!

8.  Jesus (Sananda) is also returning as master teacher… and has been posting messages for a few decades… still earthlings, are slow to believe it.


9.  Our ET family are assisting us in a swift healing from the traumas and lessons of 3D/4D earth.

A Team Of Expert Galactic Healers Offer To Help You, Here Is How You Make It Happen

10.  Our ET family are appearing in our atmosphere as cloudships, orbs, spaceships and more!


11.  Our ET family are assisting earth to join the multiverse in a multiverse ascension.

Sananda Ascension Update!!! Some Will Ascend And Return Home, Majority Have Chosen To Stay

12.  Our ET family are guiding humanity often via channeled messages, into our true nature… which is love.

13.  Our ET family are assuring us that organized evil is leaving our presence.

ET “Event” Guidance: 3D Earth Program Still Open, But Not Much Longer, Earth Has Been In 5th Dimension Since 2012 Shift

14.  Our ET family are assisting humanity with transitioning into a fair economic system:

St. Germain: Lightworkers Given Helpful Hints on Distributing Freedom Funds

15.  There is a conspiracy of all lifeforms to love humanity.

Are You Surprised By The Biggest Conspiracy Of All? Most Lifeforms Sending Humanity Love

16.  Our ET family are helping all lifeforms to defeat the cabal.

Cabal Almost Done! Galactic Federation Of Light: Anunnaki Working To Defeat Earthly Dark Forces

Multiple False Flag Terror HALTED! New Weapon Affecting All Lifeforms, Thwarted May 27th, 2015! New Temple Of Light Expansion, Now Surrounding Earth! Major Update Of The Situation, Big Leap Into Unity Consciousness

17.  Our ET family are making technology available as we unite with them.

Galactic Earth Cleanup Can Be Very Fast! Seeds That Can Grow Old Forest, In A Month!

18.  Our ET family may be stepping in more, to assist us with this critical transition time… as all earthly manmade systems fall apart…

Huge Earth Alert! Pleiadians To Become More “Hands On” With “Expansion Of Duties”

Galactic Federation Of Light: Dark Ones No Longer ALLOWED To Dictate Human Future; Plans For Domination Are UNWORKABLE! Painful Process Ahead

19.  Our ET family are guiding us to take response—-ability for our earth consciousness grid:

Calling All Lightworkers! Sacred Geometry Ley Line System Harvests Your Energy, CERN Broadcasts Artificial Belief Systems… Now You Know, Do Something About It!

20.  Our ET family are now writing messages in the cloud vapour… and as very unusual daytime sky energies:

Amazing Giant Face In Sky Images, With Eyes, Teeth, Nose… Obvious Photographic Evidence Of Sky Spirits Using Reflection Effect On Olympus Camera

Extraterrestrials Now Directly Asking Humanity To Request Messages In Sky, Clouds (Sky Writing, UFO Cloudships And More)

21.  Life is suddenly changing and yes there will be bumps… our ET family are helping us out to even comprehend what we are experiencing.

Navigating Planned Multiple-Disasters And Nibiru 

22.  Our ET family are assisting us with a new financial system.

Galactic Federation Of Light: US Federal Reserve Note Under Attack, To Be Replaced By Special US Treasury Notes; Revaluation Of Key Currencies, Leading To Global Reset

23.  Our ET family are showing us new colours in the sky associated with the fifth dimension.

Ashtar Command “New Fifth Dimensional Colours” Public Sky Demonstration

24. Our ET family are helping to clean up the sky!

Sky Update! Ashtar Command Cloudships Are Clearing Sky Toxins With Public Demonstrations

So we can see that our ET family have been very busy, and are very involved in our lives… we thank them with gratitude, we reach to them with our love, we are inspired by their example… we are indeed one big multiverse family, with no earthlings or lifeforms, being left out… peace. :)

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