More Nibiru Evidence? ENORMOUS Red Dust “Tsunami” Wave Off Coast Of New Jersey

red wave australia

More Nibiru Evidence? Giant Red Dust “Tsunami” Wave Off Coast Of New Jersey

Onlookers in Sea Girt, New Jersey, captured photos of a surreal bank of fog on Sunday, which formed just off the coast and looked startlingly similar to a tsunami….

In 2013, an even more terrifying “red wave” appeared off the coast of Western Australia. While New Jersey’s pseudo-tsunami ultimately appeared due to fog, the Aussie variant arose from a combination of wind and rain that kicked up rust-colored sand and dust, then forced the cloud of debris out to sea:​

Apparently we have a pattern, of lakes, rivers and ocean waters turning red, we have red rain, we have red dust… and all of it according to Zetas, has a cause… and that cause is Nibiru!

Nibiru Tail Will Lick Earth: First “Red Dust” Falls From Sky, Then “Gravel”, Then “Boulders” And “Firestorms”

Nibiru Proof Keeps Coming!!! “Blood Rain” And Red Dust Storms On The Rise Worldwide, Most Recently, China, Australia, And UK!!!! Tons Of Red Dust Bringing New Lifeforms To Earth! Ponds, Rivers, Oceans Turning Red 

China Red Sky Pics Going Viral! Possible Link To End Times Prophecies 

Nibiru Red Dust Or Feral Animals Kicking Up Dirt, Or Sahara Dust Traveling 5000 Miles? Another Look At Australian And Miami Dust Storms

Zetas Say Nibiru’s Tail Will Lick Earth With Red Dust And Larger Objects, Aligning With Ancient Kolbrin Prophecies 

Red Dust From The Heavens Now Falling! “Lower Jet Stream” Theory, Jet Stream Tornados, And Setting Up Earth For The Biggest Boo! It Has Ever Known

ULTIMATE LINK! Secret Bible’s Secret Nibiru Prophecies!!! Zombies, Firestorms and Hailstorms, Tidal Waves, Flood, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Human Brain Malfunctions, Sky Wobble, Red Dust, Pithouses

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