Nibiru Is Now Visible In Sky, As It Leaves Perihelion

Visible Arrival! Strong Evidence Nibiru Getting Bigger, And More Visible In Sky, As It Leaves Perihelion

The pictures near the end of this video are very convincing as strong evidence that Nibiru is leaving Perihelion… and is becoming more visible and larger in the sky.

The way this large object looks in the video, is similar to how it looks here:

Interesting Artifact photo anomaly_zps96602216.gif

What can we expect?

Prepare for:

It Is Raining “Blood” In Wyoming: More Proof Of Nibiru Tail Licking Earth? Likely, Yes!

Baseball-Size Rocks Fall From The Sky In Virginia: “Boom, Boom, Boom” Meteor Nibiru Dust Trail Or Quarry Blast?

Sanat Kumara Prophecies (1989): Earth Is Becoming A Sun, Almost All On Surface Of Earth Will Be Destroyed, Water Supply For Consumption, Diminishing, Volcanoes Will Erupt, Earthquakes Will Strike

Fire Will Rain From The Heavens… Earth Will Shudder And Break… Upheavals Man Has Never Dreamed Of, Will Come To Pass… Will You Have Your Earthen Shelters Prepared?

Crucial! Feeding Yourself After Nibiru-Related Pole Shift, When Crops Won’t Grow, And Waterways Poisoned

Nibiru And Zombie Apocalypse Connection, What Will YOU Eat When Cannibals And Chaos Are Everywhere?

Indian in the machine



      1. Yes I know what you mean thank you. But that is really really hard for mothers with young children. There you more or less feel like the god that has to protect. I’ve been there.


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