Real Life Now Imitating The Movies?!!! “The Purge” Anarchy Movie, More September 22-28 Predictive Programming For Helter Skelter?

Real Life Now Imitating The Movies?!!!  “The Purge” Anarchy Movie, More September 22-28 Predictive Programming For Helter Skelter?

1.  There has been a big effort to seed the minds of movie goers with the predictive programming of an event happening this September.

Jeruzalem Horror Film Points To Hell Opening On YOM KIPPUR (September 23, 2015)

Predictive Programming From 911 To September 22-28, 2015… Why Do They Do It?… Reprogram Earth Grid And YOUR Conscious And Sub-conscious Minds For Divine Plan

Illuminati Know What Is Coming September 22-28, 2015 (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4), Combined Disasters Warning!

2.  Their plans are destined to fail… God has a plan too… but that doesn’t mean a whole lotta mischief can’t happen:

UPDATED! Illuminati Know What Is Coming… God Does Too, Here’s What To Do!

3.  Who controls these movies?

The false jews, china, industrial military complex, satanic network, secret government and more.  The idea here is that most of the movie industry is now designed towards pumping out ideas both consciously and subconsciously, towards a world planetary takeover.

4.  The purge movie deals with the notion of a helter skelter event, where lawlessness rules the day.

Is it possible that this helter skelter event could happen in September? Yes.

5. A large group who controls the movies, believes in sacrifice… devil worship, and helter skelter holidays… check out what this lady says about the false jewish sacrifices… on one night, good is bad, and right is wrong etc…

6.  Real life is now imitating the movies… you have been warned.

7.  There could be a surrender before September….

Fulford: Khazarian Banking Mafia Want to “Repurpose Their Funds For The Benefit Of Humanity”, In Exchange For Amnesty

8. What remains is for you the reader… you have about four months to make a difference… will you align further with our Creator, or will you align further with the ones who secretly plot to take over earth (which by the way, is a failed plan, since our earth is not destined to be further ruled by dark forces)?

9.  What can you do?  You have four months to bless everything around you… and to become a living prayer… join the forces of Light from the multiverse, who have come to help earth transition in peace, harmony and love… the truth is that those of the dark, will be purged from this earth.  You will either embody being a blessing or a curse…. you decide.

10.  Movies are so popular and effective in reaching the collective conscious and subconscious, that movies have much influence in what happens in real life…

11.  Watch the trailer for The Purge Anarchy… and see if maybe you will be inspired to turn your life back over to our Creator… are you really enjoying life as a slave under dark rule? Has it been a good time, looking the other way, while dark forces control you with entertainment and tyranny?

Affirmation:  Dear God~ Please help awaken me so that I can become a force of goodness… I am no longer desiring to be mindless entertained… I can see now that things have gone too far already ,and I am not desiring to take part in any purge-like scenario… I will be a blessing for all lifeforms from now on, so be it!

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