It Is Raining “Blood” In Wyoming: More Proof Of Nibiru Tail Licking Earth? Likely, Yes!

It Is Raining “Blood” In Wyoming: More Proof Of Nibiru Tail Licking Earth? Likely, Yes!

Dear world,

The Zetas and many prophecies, have said that the ‘blood rain’ is associated with the magnetic tail of Nibiru… is this video more proof of this?  It sure seems so…

Will it go away? No, not for awhile.

What will happen?

Nibiru Tail Will Lick Earth: First “Red Dust” Falls From Sky, Then “Gravel”, Then “Boulders” And “Firestorms”

Many prophecies are saying we’re entering the big event, that will burn everything on the surface:

Sanat Kumara Prophecies (1989): Earth Is Becoming A Sun, Almost All On Surface Of Earth Will Be Destroyed, Water Supply For Consumption, Diminishing, Volcanoes Will Erupt, Earthquakes Will Strike

Fire Will Rain From The Heavens… Earth Will Shudder And Break… Upheavals Man Has Never Dreamed Of, Will Come To Pass… Will You Have Your Earthen Shelters Prepared?

You can survive this, but it will take complete love… are you a loving human being?

Nibiru And Zombie Apocalypse Connection, What Will YOU Eat When Cannibals And Chaos Are Everywhere?

It will take immense planning:

Crucial! Feeding Yourself After Nibiru-Related Pole Shift, When Crops Won’t Grow, And Waterways Poisoned

Has Nibiru arrived on the southern horizon?

Arrival! Nibiru, Or Giant Comet… Something Big Videoed Southern Horizon

Is it wise at this point to ignore this info… and continue on with mindless celebrity and sports-based distractions?

Indian in the machine


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