Nibiru Tail Will Lick Earth: First “Red Dust” Falls From Sky, Then “Gravel”, Then “Boulders” And “Firestorms”

Nibiru Tail Will Lick Earth: First “Red Dust” Falls From Sky, Then “Gravel”, Then “Boulders” And “Firestorms”

ZetaTalk: Warning, written Dec 15, 2001

The tail sweep includes first the red dust, most likely to be in a cloud around the tail, then heavier gravel, then lastly boulders. Gravel is defined in folklore as hail stones, which can injure homes and humans and animals alike caught under such a deluge. 

Boulders cannot be defended against, but are rare. Like a meteor dropping from the sky, should one land upon you, your next incarnation is at hand! Thus, dusting with red dust should be considered a warning to take cover, under metal or sod roof structures, out of the wind. The shift cannot be more than a few hours away.

The dusting with red dust occurs less than 24 hours, and most likely less than 12 hours, [before the shift]. This depends upon a number of factors, including how well the dust drops through the atmosphere to be deposited on land. In one location, the first sign of dust may be 18 hours ahead of the shift, and all run in panic to shelters. In another location, dust may not be noticed until heavy, perhaps 6 hours ahead of the shift, a good time to head for the shelters in any case.

The tail sweep will then proceed from red dust to hail stones just ahead of the shift. A normal roof would protect from the hail stones, which will be like the hail experienced during violent windstorms, where hail of ice falls and ruins crops.

What to do during the hail storms? The Zetas have some advice.

ZetaTalk: Comet’s Tail, written July 15, 1995

It is reported in folklore that hail stones, gravel, lashes the Earth. During the last passage the reports stated that crops and small trees were utterly destroyed by these hail storms. 

The best defense for humans is to huddle near cliffs, out of the wind, not in open fields, as most missiles that crash to Earth, large boulders, will not drop straight down! They come in at an angle, and will glance off hilltops, bouncing about. Thus, those in ravines are unlikely to experience a direct hit.

Those who would escape the wicked lick of this tail are advised to take shelter against cliffs, in caves, in valleys, or under metal roofs. Its passage is swift, a matter of days, and the ending abrupt.

Where is could be assumed that the side of the Earth facing Planet X would get wiped by the tail,
The tail in fact curls around the Earth.

ZetaTalk: Red Dust, written Jan 11, 2003

All parts of the globe report debris, China as well as Egypt, in the past. The tail streams behind Planet X, and is involved in swirling motions as the Moons have a dance between themselves. A tail swirl, moving like a slow moving tornado, approaches Earth which has magnetic as well as gravity attraction. Thus, it is not simply a head-on hit, tail to Earth, as it is also a sideways hit from swirling matter coming from this or that side. 

Then there is the motion of a tail swirl being curled toward Earth, continuing the curl. Like a whip that curls around what it is thrown against, the tail can wrap all around the Earth during such a lick. There are no parts of the globe that do not report red dust, frankly. It is perhaps more extreme on those sides of the globe that will be facing the approach, but elsewhere is not exempt.

Lashed by the tail, the Earth’s atmosphere is somewhat stripped away, creating more problems as debris is less likely to burn up during a fall to Earth than when oxygen is available to create the burn.
The tail has component that can form into petrochemicals, the origin of the oil deposits on Earth, as when the tail passes over volcanoes the heat there CREATES these petrochemicals.
This is reported in legends, near volcanoes as along the West Coast of North America and lands East of the Mediteranean, that walls of fire fell from the sky.
This is the reason for the ZetaTalk advice to lay in a trench covered by either a metal or sod covered roof at ground level.
This protects from such fire storms.

ZetaTalk: Firestorms, written July 15, 1995

Petrocarbons are in essence created, due to the flashes of lightning and intense heat due to passage over open volcanoes, and these petrocarbons rain down, afire, at times. With the atmosphere scattered, chemicals in the comet’s tail similar to your petrol chemicals do not flash in a quick consummation into water and carbon dioxide, but descend close to the surface of the Earth before bursting into flame. 

A fire storm, killing all beneath it. All this has been reported in ancient times, as humans observed accompaniments to the cataclysms.

Mankind presumes that oil came from compressed and trapped vegetation, eons ago, but cannot duplicate this process. Why would vegetation result in oil, deep underground, when the process only results in methane and compost today? Petrochemicals are broken down by cracking, during the refinement process, and are thus sensitive to heat process.

This is how they were created, in the first place! During the shift, so much is roiled about in the atmosphere, and so many volcanoes erupting, super hot air overhead, that binding occurs. This is evident in the recent [Papua New Guinea] oily substance found following a volcanic eruption, which man had no explanation for!


Indian in the machine:  I encourage you to read the entire zeta link, there is much info. there, to describe what humanity is likey to go through… hey the biblical signs are upon us…. what more do you need?  The earth is wobbling… the red dust has started to fall… and the earth experts have no real answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Experts baffled by rash of massive dust storms around the world

    Ya Libnan-Apr 19, 2015
    The footage of the dust storm in Belarus, filmed from a high rise … The red sand swept across the northern part of the country bringing strong …
    They are “baffled”!!!

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