First Wave Of Ascension On September 27, 2015? Prep., Comments, And Considerations

Ascension cat. . Fare that well; far I must leave this mortal plane behind me.. Is that.......

First Wave Of Ascension On September 27, 2015? Prep., Comments, And Considerations

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1. What is the first wave of ascension?

Like water, can move from liquid, to vapour… so too can human move from the 3rd dimension, to the 5th dimension.  The group of humans leading the way who are the first to go through the transformation, are referred to as the first wave of ascension.

2. How will you know if you are in the first wave of ascension?

You are living at a high frequency, much closer to love.  There is guidance from Sananda:


Moon rainbow halo

Let me give you one last definitive explanation of what is required for your personal ascension:

1).  You must maintain complete command over your emotions, thoughts and feelings, such that youonly permit expression of the high vibration emotions, which are Love, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Joy, Laughter, Harmony and Peace.

2).  Gain command over your thoughts so that you refuse entrance to those thoughts and ideas which cause you doubt, anger, resentment, anxiety or despair, or which bring these feelings to others.  Do not insist that you are simply addressing “reality.” These thoughts are all manifestations of Darkness, the Dark teachings of the past.

3.)  Understand that self-defense is only that.  Initiating an attack on another, regardless of the professed excuse, is never acceptable to God.

4).  Remain in a state of good will, kindness and compassion toward yourself and your fellow humans at all times.  Any religion or attitude which professes enmity, disapproval or condemnation toward others is false and not of this Creator.

5).  Accept that you, and all the animal, vegetable and mineral creations on your Planet Earth are conscious beings with feelings, thoughts and aspirations to ascend.  Refrain from eating the animals, for they are your friends. You will all rise together, and you will receive great assistance from the other Kingdoms.

6).  Protect your planet as you would your child, for she is the source of Life.  Do not permit invasion and attack to her body, regardless of any excuse that is given or any entitlement assumed.

7).  Join with others, especially including the children, to joyfully and consciously prepare yourselves for this all-important event. Nothing in your lives is as important or as deserving of your attention as assuring your own Ascension and that of the people around you.

8). Allow the endless Love from Us to flow through your body and fill your heart.  In this way, you allow your own ascension to occur effortlessly.

9).  Teach patience, compassion and endless Love through your own actions, which speak louder than anything you can say.  Make peace with those around you, and you will live in peace.

10).  Approach this challenge with Joy, for it is truly the stairway to Heaven.

These are my Commandments and the desire of my Heart, to see every one of my Earth children ascend in Joy, as all fulfill the destiny of humankind, to live in peace and harmony in the 5th dimension.  They are Universal Laws, and living by these Laws will bring unfathomable happiness and fulfillment to every being on Earth and in the Heavens.

Ten Commandments

To read the full message, click on… Chapter Eleven, The New Scriptures as Written by Sananda/Jesus – by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 09/02/13.

3.  Will there be other waves of ascension?

Yes… there are three main waves of ascension, but they can also be thought of as a spiral.

4.  What is so special about being on these waves of ascension?

This ‘experiment’ has never been done before in any universe.  It involves a special moving from the 3rd to the 5th dimension, while being in the same body.  (Usually humans who ‘graduate’ to higher frequencies, have to ‘leave their body’… in this case, those in the waves of ascension get to keep their bodies this time, for all infinity if they desire).

5.  What will happen to those who do not ascend?

Those who do not choose to ascend, still require more learning in the 3rd and 4th dimensions, and feel comfortable in the environment of duality and seperation, more than they desire to feel comfortable in an environment that is only love.  Those who choose the 3rd and 4th dimension, are not able to walk away from the cycle of reincarnation.  These ones, may end up eventually incarnating in a similar environment as earth, but it won’t be earth, since earth is no longer compatible with lower frequencies.

6.  Why is planet earth no longer compatible with lower frequencies?

Planet earth (Gaia) is a living being who is also choosing ascension.

7.  Is there a ‘multiverse’ ascension going on?

Yes!  The entire multiverse is going through an ascension… earth is the ‘holdout planet’ in all of creation.

8.  If I choose death over eternal life… what happens?

At some point you have a meeting with our Creator… it may involve questions such as these:

What Questions Does God Aton Ask You, After This Life?

1. Who might you be?

2.  What have you done worthy of consideration into Higher placement?

3.  What have you –Given– that might be regiven in greatness?

4. What have you done for any, save self?

5. Why should I do anything at all for you?

6. What have you given others, that you might be given in abundance? (You cannot have one without the other.)

7. What have you done that might be worthy of “proof”?

8. What have you done in great intent, to be worthy of response?

9. Do you recognize response when you receive it?

10. Do you turn away from that which you know you should do in order to find excuse for not “giving”?

11.  Did you do all you could do in actions to help your brother find his “way”? Did you decline self, to give unto another? 

12. What have ye done to earn of My gifts?

When you have given All, then and only then have you given sufficiently. This is the moment you reach the point of the pendulum swing– then and only then can the multiplied abundance be regiven unto you.

So be it for these are the questions that shall be used at your trial regarding your actions in this physical placement.

  – God Aton; Phoenix Journal #37; Page 5

The Phoenix Journals
 Phoenix Journals specifically have been given to Man from the Hosts of Heaven so that before the grand shift, we can have access to the Truth.

It’s an honour for me to offer you…Phoenix Journal #37.  

The other Phoenix Journals are also filled with Truth…now is the time to seek the Truth…and once you see the Truth, you’ll be able to see and know God everywhere…especially in the mirror!

I wish you a peacefilled awakening…in service….salu! 

9.  Is being on the first wave of ascension, really that big of a deal?

Yes!  Most humans do not realize that this reality is being ‘cleansed by fire’… and feel life will continue on “as usual”… this is essentially wishful thinking that will be proved to be completely false.

You may not wish experience the burning of the surface of the planet.

The burning of the surface of the planet may sound something like this:

The Hour Of The Destroyer Is At Hand – Indian in the machine

10.  Does the first wave of ascension, ever get to come back to earth?

Yes! The first wavers are welcomed to return to the galactic ships for a purification process… this will involve an activation of 100% of their brains, and 100% activation of crystalline DNA.

Those first wavers who CHOOSE to come back to earth to HELP, the SURVIVORS, will be markedly different than before… people will KNOW, who they are, since they will STAND OUT in a BIG WAY!

11.  Are earthlings being punished by God, through a ‘cleansing by fire’?

No, not at all… this reality is being cleansed and purified.

There is no need to take the purification personally.

Earth existed way before you came to earth, and her will to purify trumps your will to have everything state in the same.

12.  Sooo the big bullies of earth, don’t get to rule over earth?

No, that is a false outcome, earth is being purified and is rebirthing.

13.  Humans that are ascending are essentially choose ‘rebirth’?


14.  What are some quick tips to ‘raise my frequency’?

-Resonate with love as much as possible

-Detox from heavy metals and toxins.

-Love within stands up to anything and everything.

-Stop brainwashing yourself with limited thoughts and the limited thoughts of others.

-Choose christ consciousness (wisdom, power and love).

-Have a strong connected relationship with our Creator, rather than distant and feeling victimized.

15.  Is this September 27th date, for real?

It remains to be seen, Creator has the final say how this all plays out… humanity can and has jumped timelines… however:

-Nibiru is set to appear in our sky very soon:

Arrival! Nibiru, Or Giant Comet… Something Big Videoed Southern Horizon

Nibiru Proof Keeps Coming!!! “Blood Rain” And Red Dust Storms On The Rise Worldwide, Most Recently, China, Australia, And UK!!!! Tons Of Red Dust Bringing New Lifeforms To Earth! Ponds, Rivers, Oceans Turning Red 

The darkside is setting up humanity to experience several disasters at once:

UPDATED! Illuminati Know What Is Coming… God Does Too, Here’s What To Do!

Illuminati Know What Is Coming September 22-28, 2015 (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4), Combined Disasters Warning!

ET Alert For Coming Major Earth Changes! All Islands And Mountains Are Moving And Changing! 

Another Sept 23 Warning? Feb 2013 meteor over Russia exploded at 9:22/9:23 local time!

PART 1: BBS taken off-air as James Gilliland & Alfred Webre discuss Sept 23, 2015 False Flag

Sept 23 (22-28), 2015 Clues Everywhere: Bible Code, Commercials, Movies, Concerts, And Music! Final Battle On Now Towards Atonement Day AND Reckoning Day!

Nibiru/PlanetX/TheDestroyer/Nemesis is the catalyst that is cleansing earth by fire.  Earthlings who choose will use this catalyst to rebirth into a purified version of themselves. Earthling who choose will use this catalyst to leave earth and their bodies, never to return this way again in a 3rd or 4th dimensional expression of who they are.  All decisions are final. Choose wisely, for we were born from love, and the ascension represents a return to our truest state of consciousness, and self.

Humanity Goes From Illuminati-Slaves To Golden Age 1. New Financial System, 2. Mass Spaceship Decloaking 3. Earth Will Shake Like Never Before, 4. Everything Falls Apart, 5. Great Exodus, 6. Rebirthing In Nature, 7. Golden Age 

Indian in the machine

Diego Brawn



  1. Is this information given worldwide? How about all the people that live isolated, without internet etc. Does there exist a kind of ‘joker’ for those people? Can you say it’s a fair play for everyone?


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