End Of Reign Of Satan, Nibiru Comes, Earth Surface Shall Burn, Humans Re-connect With Creator, Rebirthing Into New Species (Ascension)

End Of Reign Of Satan, Nibiru Comes, Earth Surface Shall Burn, Humans Re-connect With Creator, Rebirthing Into New Species (Ascension)

1 End of the reign of satan THOUGHTFORMS is upon us~

Will It Get Better Soon? Reflect On The Riots, Violence, Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes, Mandatory Vaccines And Overall Chaos

-Existing satanic reality is unsustainable.

-Existing satanic reality is unGodly

-Existing satanic reality breaks LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION

-Existing satanic reality frequencies are incompatible with rest of Creation

-In short, this satanic reality is basically coming to an end.

-It is looking like September is the last big hurrah for the dark…

First Crop Circle Of 2015 Coded For September 28, 2015 Blood Moon… Others Crop Circles Coded For Nibiru… We Are In Times Of Bible Revelations And Prophecies! 

Sept 23 (22-28), 2015 Clues Everywhere: Bible Code, Commercials, Movies, Concerts, And Music! Final Battle On Now Towards Atonement Day AND Reckoning Day!

Predictive Programming From 911 To September 22-28, 2015… Why Do They Do It?… Reprogram Earth Grid And YOUR Conscious And Sub-conscious Minds For Divine Plan

Illuminati Know What Is Coming September 22-28, 2015 (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4), Combined Disasters Warning!

-September may also involve the first wave of transformed humans!

First Ascension Wave Begins One Day Before Blood Moon?; Master Teacher Given Date Of September 27, 2015

-Dark forces no longer dominate earth or solar system!

Ashtar Command Cigar-shaped Spaceships Silently Dominating Earth Atmosphere And Solar System; Ashtar Brings Earthlings A Message Of Forgiveness

Universe Stunned! Entire Archon Alliance Declares Peace! Sananda, AAMichael

Galactic Federation Of Light: Annunaki Influence HAS ENDED, After 5000 Years

-A new kind of leaderships is here!

Viral It!!! Introducing “Time Traveling” Presidential Candidate For 2016 US Election, Andrew Basiago

-There is a multiverse (not just earth) cleansing of dark thoughtforms

Multiverse Breaking News! Organized Evil/Crimes Against All Souls Ending – Chapter 25 of The New Scriptures, by Sananda/Jesus. The Temple of Light, and the Day of Reckoning

As Rome Burns, Spiritual Teachings Flood The Net! Remember, Spiritual=Cause, Physical=Effect

-Humans are overloaded with info., and due to not caring about Creator and being preoccupied with the physical world, many may not have proper guidance to get through these times.

Zetas Say Common Man, Is Exhausted, Not Educated Enough, Confused, And May Get Overwhelmed In Barrage Of Misinformation

2.  Nibiru~ along with the photon belt, are two of the main catalysts for change.

-Humans are experiencing effects of Nibiru, but many do not know it!

Check The List! Effects Of Nibiru Are Now ALL OVER THE NEWS!

-Nibiru is bringing to our earth, a cleansing by fire.

Nibiru Proof Keeps Coming!!! “Blood Rain” And Red Dust Storms On The Rise Worldwide, Most Recently, China, Australia, And UK!!!! Tons Of Red Dust Bringing New Lifeforms To Earth! Ponds, Rivers, Oceans Turning Red 

ET Alert For Coming Major Earth Changes! All Islands And Mountains Are Moving And Changing! 

-Fake leaders know, and are too scared to help out! Zetas to the rescue…

Zetas Say Walmart Being Retrofitted To Be Fema Disaster Center For New Madrid Earthquakes To Come!

3.  Cleansing by fire~

-The cleansing by fire, is a common theme in many converging prophecies.

-Basically, the surface of the planet is going to burn, as will all manmade creations.


70 Year Old Prophecy Is Happening – Rare Upcoming Opportunity With Incoming Cosmic Waves Of Electricity

All Prophecy Eyes Here! “Alien/Nibiru” Sign In Canadian Sky, Kolbirn Bible/Zetatalk Followers Have Been Waiting For!!!

-Volcanic and earthquake activities are at high-points… with much more to come.

Recent Prophecies Direct From Source CREATOR GOD ATON/HATONN (1992) “From this day on, calamities upon calamities will you have…”

Earthlings! Potentially To Come, We’ve Got Ashtar Command Mass Decloaking, A Mass Evacuation, And A Burning Earth Surface… Did I Forget To Mention Fiery Sky Tornadoes?

-The changes while dramatic as they already are, may one day, suddenly upsurge towards bigger and stronger than most people will be prepared to deal with.

Ascension By Fire Guidance For Earthlings Before The Big BIRTHING EVENT Happening On All Levels

4. Surviving humans will completely reconnect with Creator~ or leave their bodies (the soul however is eternal)!

Zetas Provide Nibiru/Poleshift Safe Location Guidance In 7 Easy To Figure Out Steps / World Migration Patterns Explained

Zetas Compare Noah’s Ark Sequence Of Events, With What Is Occurring Today! Signs, Omens, Poleshift, Flooding, Spiritual Guidance, Preparation, Exodus

Zetas Say, “Yellowstone Will NOT Become A Super Volcano”, And More Nibiru/Poleshift Safe Location Guidance

Can You Ascend While Eating Meat? Check Prime Creator’s Ascension Commandments For Yourself

5.  Rebirthing via Nibiru Passby/Poleshift/Photon shift~/Evacuation/Exodus

Some humans may transform before the pole shift…

First Ascension Wave Begins One Day Before Blood Moon?; Master Teacher Given Date Of September 27, 2015

Other humans may transform after pole shift….

First~ Nibiru, Then~ Poleshift, Followed By~ Exodus… What Did The Exodus Look Like In Past Cycle?

Humanity Goes From Illuminati-Slaves To Golden Age 1. New Financial System, 2. Mass Spaceship Decloaking 3. Earth Will Shake Like Never Before, 4. Everything Falls Apart, 5. Great Exodus, 6. Rebirthing In Nature, 7. Golden Age 

Some humans may go to ‘inner earth’….

Pack Your Bags Soon For Inner Earth?!!! Galactic Federation Of Light Speak Of Mass Evacuation To Agartha!

Humans on earth, will never again allow satanism and other false religions, to control their lives!

Breaking!!! All Religions Will Merge With Extraterrestrial Teachings Of Truth, Or Be Dissolved! This Teaching Will Never Be Proven To Be False 

Jesus (aka Sananda) Tells Humanity Where His Church Is! The Answer Shall Surprise Many Churchgoers I Am Sure

Master Of The Universe, On What May Be Missing In Your Life

If You Feel Hopeless.. Perhaps It Is For Good Reasons!!!… To Wake You Up To Source!

All surviving humans will have compatible frequencies with earth!

Breaking News! Earthlings Of Entire World Must Atune Themselves To NEW Base Earth Frequencies; Important Info. To Comprehend The Situation

The boss speaks!

PRIME CREATOR: You go about your lives as if you created your own planet out of nothing, achieved what you have by the sheer force of your will, and no one else could have accomplished such a marvelous feat, ever. This is what you would call a syndrome – an ego problem.

Sananda: This scribe nor these bringers of the word of truth set not them­selves above or beyond any other–they simply are the couriers of Aton Creator to remind you of your perfection.

A Message of Love from St. Germain, Sananda/Jesus and Prime Creator

Humans, your toys, your new shiny objects, your big houses, and your little trinkets… none of it you get to keep through this… think of these times, as going through a birthing but in reverse… a time where we go in to a womb of mother earth, and are born again… it that so bad, that the end of war, greed, fear and so on, is also a requirement and a standard that you the reader, will need to achieve in order to get through these times, if you can do so, you can keep your body this time, for all eternity.

Indian in the machine


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