Final Battle On Now Towards Atonement Day AND Reckoning Day! – September 23 (22-28), 2015 Clues Everywhere Including Biblical Code, Commercials, Movies, Concerts, And Music!

Final Battle On Now Towards Atonement Day AND Reckoning Day! –  September 23 (22-28), 2015 Clues Everywhere Including Biblical Code, Commercials, Movies, Concerts, And Music!

There is some confusion on earth… pertaining to talking about ‘negative’ stuff… high and mighty fear-based people often say, I’m not going to pay attention to ‘that’, cause it is negative and I am positive.  That is a bunch of horseshit!  If someone is in danger, it is not negative to help them out… in this case, humanity is in danger, because it put so much energy into the hands of few people who do not have humanity’s best interests at heart.. this has gone on for thousands of years… and it is all coming to a head this year… I don’t believe the dark is winning… I believe anyone who seeks to control another being, is actually on the losing team…. still, their mind control and brainwashing remains strong… until now that is… it has become so obvious, that there are plans for September… including a potential FIRST WAVE OF ASCENSION.  Stay positive by learning about negative things… and put your positivity there,not by ignoring a bad accident happening in slow motion, but by taking loving action.   You have been warned, and will be held accountable… will you help out, or will you not worry your pretty little head?

Yeah it might get a bit scary… but the light has already won:

Multiverse Breaking News! Organized Evil/Crimes Against All Souls Ending – Chapter 25 of The New Scriptures, by Sananda/Jesus. The Temple of Light, and the Day of Reckoning

There has been a progression: False Flag Progression: First Russian’s, Then, Terrorists, Next ‘Rogue Countries’, Followed By Asteroids, And Finally The Last Card…Extra-terrestrials 

Illuminati Know What Is Coming September 22-28, 2015 (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4), Combined Disasters Warning!

PART 1: BBS taken off-air as James Gilliland & Alfred Webre discuss Sept 23, 2015 False Flag

Super Shemita and Super Blood Moon… From the horse’s mouth: Something BIG will happen in September 2015

The solution is at this link:  Predictive Programming From 911 To September 22-28, 2015… Why Do They Do It?… Reprogram Earth Grid And YOUR Conscious And Sub-conscious Minds For Divine Plan

Sananda will be the light to get through these days… don’t ignore Sananda any longer, lest you continue to be a pawn for satan…

Creator decides who gets through… you cannot force anyone to be with Creator, you can only show the way. :)

If you are a being of force, you can expect to be taken out by Creator… if you are a being of love, you can expect more and more support from Creator.

What is the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur)?

Answer: The Day of Atonement (Leviticus 23:27-28), also known as Yom Kippur, was the most solemn holy day of all the Israelite feasts and festivals, occurring …

Madonna September 23 Concert In Washington D.C. Reveals What Is Coming / 

Madonna’s MDNA concert tour opening with “Girl Gone Wild” on
SEPTEMBER 23, 2012, in Washington D.C. was a 3-year warning to us of what is coming on September 23, 2015.

-The imagery is satanic… and prophetic… 3:25 is the Hoover Dam busting out? Whatever it is, and it seem to celebrate evil.

2.  Still not convinced?…  Ghosttown video and song suggest something happening “a year from now”.

3.  Atonement Day – September 23, 2015 Clues Everywhere!

Brought to us via a young genius, Rene M:


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