From 911 To September 22-28, 2015… Predictive Programming… Why Do They Do It?… Reprogram Earth Grid And YOUR Conscious And Sub-conscious Minds For Divine Plan

From 911 To September 22-28, 2015… Predictive Programming… Why Do They Do It?… Reprogram Earth Grid And YOUR Conscious And Sub-conscious Minds For Divine Plan

1.  911 is a great example of seeding the public consciousness with a future event.

2.  Obviously we know who “they” are… the ones who control the movies.

3.  Why would they do it?  The answer is simple:  They are using your sub-conscious and conscious mind to create their reality.

“Your subconscious mind is a second, hidden mind that exists within you. It interprets and then acts upon the predominating thoughts that reside within your conscious mind. The mandate of the subconscious is to attract circumstances and situations that match the images you have within.

In order to understand how the conscious and subconscious minds work together as a team to create your reality, let me again use an analogy. Your subconscious mind is like deep fertile soil that accepts any seed you plant within it. Your habitual thoughts and beliefs are the seeds that are being constantly sown within, and they produce in your life what is sown. Just as surely as corn kernels produce corn and wheat seeds produce wheat your thoughts will have an effect in your life. You will reap what you sow. This is a law.

The conscious mind is like the gardener. It is your responsibility to be aware of how this process works, and to choose wisely what reaches the inner garden. Unfortunately for most of us our role as gardener has never been explained to us. And in misunderstanding this role, we have allowed seeds of all types, both good and bad, to enter the inner garden of our subconscious.

The subconscious will not discriminate, judge or censor. It will manifest success, abundance and health just as easily as failure, ill health and misfortune. It works to reproduce in our life according to the seeds we have nurtured within. Your subconscious accepts what is impressed upon it with feeling and repetition whether these thoughts are positive or negative. It does not evaluate things like your conscious mind does.

– See more at:”

4.  Our earth has a consciousness grid.

5.  Predictive programming is essentially used to manipulate our earth grid, so that the conscious and sub-conscious minds will create the program:

GHolographic Universeod gave us the power to create our own reality. So we create our individual lives and, through the collective consciousness, we all co-create our greater reality. Solely with our own minds, we have set into motion a Game of Life for ourselves. We have all jumped into our own ‘chalk drawings,’ all of which are occurring simultaneously and on different levels. This was designed to enrich our human experience.  And, while on the Earth, we play the Earth game.

We built this Earth game to amuse ourselves.  It is a momentary aberration into which we have been projecting our consciousness in various forms with a Time-line to follow.  That Time-line is now coming to an end. The present moment moves at the Speed of Thought, into a past that is simply a collection of electro-magnetic imprints called memories.

Our holographic reality is nothing more than a dream from which we are all starting to awaken fully, a gigantic network of akashic energy from which everyone accesses the same data, simultaneously and in real-time. And God is the dreamer.”

6. Once you realize (real eyes) the programming of the earth grid matrix, it can cease to have power over you!

7.  Do you realize that music is also used in this process to make sure the messages reach your subconscious mind?

8.  This process is used to ultimately create a slave planet, where people are controlled through entertainment, music, movies, symbols etc… and may not even know it!

9.  Your subconscious mind is your’s… why not get it working for you, instead of for ‘them’?

Once you grasp the fact that your subconscious will bring to you whatever you need, want or desire, and you begin working daily, projecting the thoughts and images of what you want, seemingly chance and fortuitous events will begin happening to you. This powerful inner collaborator, working with your conscious mind, will bring to you the people and circumstances you require to achieve your goals. “A thousand unseen hands,” as Joseph Campbell describes them, will come to your aid. Synchronicity appears to the uninitiated to be coincidence or luck, but it is neither. It is simply the operation of natural laws which you have set in motion with your thoughts. – See more at:

10.  Would you believe that you can use the same process of HYPNOSIS, to free yourself, instead of enslave yourself?


11.  You will feel much better if your subconscious is full of your own dreams, instead of another’s…

12.  And now… you have a job to do… our grid is being programming for a very uncomfortable chaotic outcome:

Illuminati Know What Is Coming September 22-28, 2015 (Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4), Combined Disasters Warning!

Your job is to reprogram your conscious and sub-conscious mind to serve Creator, instead of some person who may be seeking to destroy you and all life.

13.  Don’t be in fear, Creator has a plan too…

UPDATED! Illuminati Know What Is Coming… God Does Too, Here’s What To Do!

14.  Learn how to set intentions that will change the world!

As Rome Burns, Spiritual Teachings Flood The Net! Remember, Spiritual=Cause, Physical=Effect

15.  If you want your life to get better… then make it better.

Will It Get Better Soon? Reflect On The Riots, Violence, Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes, Mandatory Vaccines And Overall Chaos

16.  It is your REACTION OR NON-REACTION that you can change… other things you may have to ride out as certain sequences of events must play themselves out…

Zetas Compare Noah’s Ark Sequence Of Events, With What Is Occurring Today! Signs, Omens, Poleshift, Flooding, Spiritual Guidance, Preparation, Exodus

17.  Yes something may be happening in September… prepare… for the predictive programming is all around you….

18.  Creator is all around us too… don’t let any false idol lead to you to your destruction.

Prime Creator Provides Tip On Unconditional Love

Creator: Light is Your Great Sword of Truth

Prime Creator: Why do you persist in railing against me, my messengers, my Ascended Masters and my Archangels, as if we were somehow holding you back?

Reptilian Western Culture Is Obsolete And Non-Human… Trillions Spent On Anti-Creator Programming

PRIME CREATOR: You go about your lives as if you created your own planet out of nothing, achieved what you have by the sheer force of your will, and no one else could have accomplished such a marvelous feat, ever. This is what you would call a syndrome – an ego problem.


Indian in the machine


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