Zetas: After Poleshift. Canada Will Be Tropical Paradise, With Lowland Flooding From Polar Icecap Melting

Zetas: After Poleshift. Canada Will Eventually Be Tropical Paradise, However Canadians Unprepared For Lowland Flooding, And Polar Ice Melting From New Equator Sunshine

Zetatalk: What about the newly tropical lands in Canada and Russia’s Far East? We have already documented how Russia is moving to their Far East, as detailed in Issue 417
of this newsletter. What can Canada anticipate? Perhaps a tropical island paradise! Note the reference to the poles being reversed. Note the attention that houseboat living is getting these days, as this latest situated in Vancouver, Canada. Where the new Equator will pass by what is now northern Canada, there will be much flooding of Canadian lowlands. They know!

This Upside-Down Canada Map looks like a Tropical Paradise
April 10, 2015
Toronto-based data visualizer William Davis posted the map to Reddit today, and it shows Canada’s north looking like a tropical paradise, compared to its south. Regions such as Baffin Island and the Northwest Territories look like Caribbean destinations, as does Ontario’s north. Davis said on Reddit that the map was inspired by the “horrible winter” that had taken hold in central and Eastern Canada. Now if only Earth could somehow reverse its poles, we’d be booking an all-inclusive vacation to Ellesmere Island. 

This is how to REALLY Get Away from it All
April 12, 2015
A Canadian couple have ditched busy city life to live on a colorful off-the-grid float-home and garden they’ve dubbed ‘Freedom Cove’ – a completely self-sustainable float home consisting of 12 platforms that houses wooden structures, green houses and living spaces all interconnected through a wooden pathway. During winter months, the couple collect rainwater for drinking and in the summer they collect drinking water from a nearby freshwater waterfall across the bay.  They have several greenhouses in which the family grows fruit and vegetables year round. Electricity is supplied to the home through solar panels and photovoltaic energy generators.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995:
The pole shift, with consequent realignment of the poles, will place the New Equator over formerly frozen lands. Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Siberia, and Europe will be affected by the new equator. This will not mean that these areas will be lush, right away. The temperate zones, not all that lush to begin with, will find themselves after the cataclysms in a warm state, but with little vegetation. Past cataclysms have regularly rearranged the Earth’s geography and climate zones, as the Earth attests. The continents, once one large land mass, were torn apart, temperate or tropical areas suddenly freezing up and covering over with ice and snow that never melts, and frozen wastelands gradually melting and warming to sustain life once again. Mountains in mountain building areas were pushed higher and subducting plates were suddenly slid under the overplate.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2001:
The worry Canadians should be concerned about is one that will sneak up on them, in the days leading into the pole shift and in the two years following. Much of Canada has a low altitude, and where land lies lower than 650 to 700 feet, this will be inundated within two years due to the melting ice caps of the old poles, now under the equatorial sun. Much of Canada is low lying land. If one examines the sea level of land in eastern or northern Canada, one can see that the land will not be above water when the poles have completely melted. If situated in an area due to be inundated, survivors will have to repeatedly move ahead of the encroaching water, and take care they are not trapped on an island in the process!

source: http://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/draft-zetatalk-newsletter-as-of-april-30-2015

Indian in the machine:  It resonates as truth, that Canadians are basically not preparing for what is to come, and may find themselves like the Bangladesh people, moving from flood zone, to flood zone… one can imagine how much melting there will be if the Equator suddenly shifted, and the sun was directly OVERHEAD ABOVE THE ARCTIC ICE!


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