As Rome Burns, Spiritual Teachings Flood The Net! Remember, Spiritual=Cause, Physical=Effect

As Rome Burns, Spiritual Teachings Flood The Net! Remember, Spiritual=Cause, Physical=Effect

Look at it this way if you like, you and those around us, appear to be de-stablizing. Why is this happening?

People are losing energy for many reasons, which often have to do with giving your energy to something, that does not replenish the energy inside.

Yes dear ones… it IS tiring, to always be led around by someone else, and not being guided by the inner Light.

Do you realize humanity has been TAUGHT to FORGET, that the spiritual is the cause, and the physical is the effect.

Why are so many fighting?

So many are fighting because when you are brainwashed to forget that the spiritual is the cause, and not the physical, then you also may believe in a limited universe if you have a limited ability to commune with theGod-ness in all things and beings.

Remember this?

The universe is unlimited, and so thus, are we.

How do we live as an unlimited being?

We live as an unlimited being, when we put no limitations on anyone, including Creator and all our relations.

We activate inner 1. WISDOM, 2. POWER, AND 3. LOVE… this is CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.

Take note if you swear lots but never use the words GOD, LOVE, POWER, WISDOM, CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, CREATOR, UNITY…. take note if you DO NOT LIVE WITH PASSION, INSPIRATION, HOPE, ONENESS CONSCIOUSNESS OR AN OPEN MIND… for your doorway out, is the spirit world, and Source of all things.

Yes Rome is burning, and it must… anything that is not love, will burn… will that be you, or will you rebirth yourself, back into your true self…. do you realize that our true state of being is love?

No, you do not just chant, and meditate from here on… if something is not to your liking, change it…  the only thing constant from here on my friends, is change… let go of the blocked energy, so that the storm of fiery winds to come, can gently pass you by… lose the need to ‘get ahead’, while stepping on feet of another being.

Yes there are those who are delusional  that they seek to control others, and find it to be a noble ability… send the demons packing, by loving them… if you choose to fight from here on, it is at the expense of having a god time.

Spiritual teachings are now flooding the net, I share many, and one more I wish to draw you too, are the teachings of Matt Kahn… here is Matt’s latest video, see how his teachings resonate, they certainly do with me.

Yes the fireballs that have appeared since 2003ish are signs… yes there are signs with the blood moon, yes there is strange red dust, yes there are volcanoes activating further, and so on… don’t take it personal as the surface of earth is cleansing, instead, rise to the opportunity to cleanse with mother earth, rather than being burned in the fires to come.

Humanity Goes From Illuminati-Slaves To Golden Age 1. New Financial System, 2. Mass Spaceship Decloaking 3. Earth Will Shake Like Never Before, 4. Everything Falls Apart, 5. Great Exodus, 6. Rebirthing In Nature, 7. Golden Age 

You do realize that 7 volcanoes erupted simultaneously all over the world a few days ago?  I trust you do not want to ever fall back asleep ever again, and I also trust that if you knew what is to come, that you would prepare as if your life depends on it… it does!

Indian in the machine


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  1. Where your will is, is a way. The will of brainwashed people is most influential infected by current kultur. How much is different. But most do not accept or respect other unknown cultures (individual), do no normally integration (be yourself, take some from others, give away some of you – be yourself and change yourself how you want) , make war and get war. The problem is, many live a system given culture and not their own, but think otherwise.


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