You are ALL going to be faced with impacting traumatic experiences in the weeks, months and years to come.  My intent is not to frighten you or coerce you in any way!  My intent is to assist you, as a teacher, so that you are prepared for the testing and the lessons–that you might grow past the need to experience these things over and over again.

Prepare yourself mentally in such a manner that you are confident about who you are and about your direct connection to the God Force within.  Prepare NOW with a method of problem solving that will help you to maintain both mental AND emotional stability–no matter what the situation you are facing.

This effort is, in effect, writing a script or mental “computer program” that you can access any time you desire and which will outline a series of questions and statements to yourself so that you will always be able to come to a reasonable choice as to what you should do.

Step 1:  Regardless of the situation, call upon The Light for protection and guidance.  This will give us a greater opportunity to connect and work with and through you.  This, also, reaffirms your intent and thus will, in effect, center your focus.

Step 2:  KNOW, with certainty, that you CAN handle ANY situation with which you are presented.  God NEVER gives you more than you can handle.  In rare cases of such events, He will carry you!

In your certainty you will calm the fear reactions and thus calm the emotional tendency for overwhelm.  This equates to clearer, more rational thought and, again, will help us to help you through a clearer communication link.

Step 3:  Calmly ask yourself, “What are ALL of my options?” and “What can I DO that will be of the most value to EVERYONE involved and not just myself?”

Sometimes you may have to eliminate possibilities by evaluating the actions that would only serve to compound an undesirable situation.  Screaming hysterically would be one such option you could decide to eliminate right now as a course of action to take! You could say to yourself, “I will NOT react violently, hysterically, irrationally, or in any manner whatsoever that will cause me to compound an already dire situation!”

Step 4:  KNOW that you are NOT a victim!  All experiences whether they are perceived as “good” or “bad”, are for reason.  Know also that you are the creator of your experiences and that any and all challenges that you are faced with are for YOUR growth!

The point here is to PREPARE yourself now so that, if you catch yourself in a condition or state in which you have already decided NOT to be, you will have already in place the rational ideas and thoughts necessary to pull yourself out of a panic and into a more usable and survivable state of reasoning.

We can work through you–IF you are not shut down with fear or overwhelmed with hysteria and panic.  You can help us the most by taking the time NOW to affirm to yourselves that you will remain calm and open under ALL situations.  This can be practiced almost daily if you look to the small irritations around you and catch yourself in this sort of reactionary state.


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