THE Master, On What May Be Missing In Your Life

THE Master, On What May Be Missing In Your Life

We witness many of you ones seeking the ever elusive “something” that is missing in your life—that you can’t seem to put your finger on, but somehow feel you are “missing out” on. Well, you are!

Most of you are missing out on great opportunities to express and flow the Infinite Creative Energy (God-Force Energy) in a very joyous and satisfying manner. Deep inside there is often created a nagging feeling of restlessness as you continue your search. This restlessness is the result of the heart and head being out of alignment.

Often ones REASON (a mental activity) that life should be lived a certain way. This mental picture is generally reinforced by millions in society following the same herd-like mentality so as to establish a state of apparent “normalcy”.

The typical mental-conditioning pattern goes something like this: Go to grade school, then to high school; next go on to college, military, or learn a trade. Get a job and begin establishing your credit because that is “THE MOST IMPORTANT THING”. Next start a family and buy a house, and thus establish your “stability” and “normalcy”.

This is fine if it truly is your choice. Many of the older generations view this sort of scenario as “good, sound advice” and strongly recommend similar patterns to their children and grandchildren. This would all be fine and well—if it weren’t for the fact that it places almost ALL emphasis on the external physical “comforts” and “securities” of living, rather than recognizing that, first and foremost, ALL ones are on an infinite SPIRITUAL journey.

Indian in the machine:  Without spirit, you are:

-Never knowing the cause of anything you experience.

-You are living a life of imitation.

-You are constantly searching for something.

-You are unfulfilled as a being.

-You are not in tune with the flow.

-You are not living authentically.

-You are easily controlled.

And so on… spirit is where we all come from, and where we shall return… NONE OF US COME FROM THE PHYSICAL WORLD.


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