Two Final Reasons For Divine Intervention, Disclosure, And Mass Spiritual Awakening 2015: Earth Has Crossed Four of Nine ‘Planetary Boundaries’ Soon To Be Inhospitable, And Nibiru


Two Final Reasons For Divine Intervention, Disclosure, And Mass Spiritual Awakening 2015: Earth Has Crossed Four of Nine ‘Planetary Boundaries’ Soon To Be Inhospitable, And Nibiru

Dear world,

Let us witness certain things together:

1.  Humanity continues on in distraction.

2.  And, there is a spiritual awakening going on.

3.  Humanity continues to abuse mother earth.

4.  Humanity continues to heal mother earth.

Can you see how both sides of the polarity are playing out at the same time?

On one side of the matrix:

1.  Humanity is clearly riding this planet into the ground, with no end in sight.

2.  Earth is becoming a blue star with the guidance of ET and spirit families.

We are at a crossroads here in the fog of the wifi signals, the smog and the chaotic energy:

1.  Do awaken?

2.  Do we remain asleep?

There is an illusion believed to be true.

1. It is easier to be asleep.

2. It is more difficult to be awake.

The reality is:

1.  It is easier to be awake.

2. It is more difficult to be asleep.

And so now we can choose to be awake with the following info.:

1. Our planet is wobbling.

  • ZetaTalk: Earth Wobble

    Jul 17, 2004 – The key to the Earth wobble many are now beginning to Notice, and the odd cold spot that lingers over Hudson Bay and in the waters off Nova …

  • The Zeta Report, Video Clips – ZetaTalk

    The Zeta Report 66, December 8, 2014 on YouTube – Animations depicting … The ZetaReport 60, August 4, 2013 on YouTube – Earth wobble can be seen in  …

  • Earth Changes and the Pole Shift

    Providing information and discussion about the Earth Changes, the pending Pole …Earth Wobble Mechanics …. Draft ZetaTalk Newsletter as of March 19, 2015.

  • Consider Yourself Warned! Biblical Revelations, Kolbrin ……/zetas-say-elite-avoid-mentioning-nibiru-earthwob

    Mar 12, 2015 – Zetas (And Crop Circles) Say Earth And Nibiru Magnetic Fields, Now … Will Suddenly Make Sense, With Earth Wobble Time Lapse Gif.

2. Our species, is in need of a big spiritual awakening.

3.  Nibiru is in our solar system.

4. Millions of spaceships are in our solar system.

5. Jesus has already returned.

We are aware that:

1.  Humanity has the power to lessen or worsen the affect of Nibiru.


2.  The Zetas are basically saying that life might look a whole lot like, ‘camping’  for a while… as many planetary systems built by man, are destroyed.

Zeta Movie 2 Signs Of The Times full length Earth Changes and the Pole Shift

3.  It might be a good idea to have a 2nd location to go to… some place like a pithouse:

Now that our planet is wobbling drastically, there are two ways this can go:

You go back to sleep to a life, where you are seperate from Creator and the Multiverse

The little sheep-person took the intelligence-data he had gathered during his foray into serpent-country to his fellow-sheep back home, with his suggestions for their adopting a clever serpent strategy. They yawned, characteristically; mumbling something about being subject to 

Or, you awaken further, where you are unified in love with Creator and Multiverse.

The ancestors in the spiritworld…from both sides, have made their peace. Have we made our peace? Some members of the tribe are good at making music… some are good at connecting to spirit… some can make nice objects… there is room at the circle for all of us, who uphold and support the circle.

And so… for our species, we put aside all desire to control another being… we have no choice really… for the changes to come, are designed to do just that as well… but it will be easier on you, if you can stop all need to walk away from unity with all lifeforms.

Earthings we can no longer live like mother earth, does not matter, FIRST!

Earthings we can no longer live like one religion has all the answers, that would be limiting and not of God.

Whatever war you have, is really about your limitation….

Peace, is all about unlimitation!

Well, no matter how much you are able to make nice with others for real… only those of complete love would make it through this scenario… supported by many sources by the way…  keep in mind and heart, that our planet is greatly wobbling… due to some outside force, not yet revealed to the masses… 

I ask you once you have realized what is, is it that unreasonable to dig a hole and live in it for awhile, should that time arise, and it IS VERY LIKELY!


Indian in the machine



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