Zetatalk: NASA is desperately trying to be inventive in their attempts to explain the Earth changes caused by the near presence of Planet X.

NASA is desperately trying to be inventive in their attempts to explain the Earth changes caused by the near presence of Planet X.

  • They anticipated amateurs spotting an object in the sky, and the vast debris ridden dust cloud. Their solution to this was ridicule. If the astronomers (under a National Security Directive) were saying it was not there, then who is the public going to believe? NASA or their lying eyes?
  • They anticipated the increase in fireballs by claiming that asteroids, dark rocks hard to detect and track, had come of late from the Asteroid Belt.  They anticipated red dust in the atmosphere, turning the skies red and landing here and there, an accumulation that was undeniable. This was claimed to be pollution in the air, settling out, even where industries did not exist.
  • Very early in the game they anticipated the Earth heating up, based on measurements taken since the early 1980’s showing this process as a reaction to the newly discovered Planet X identified by the IRAS team in 1983. Prior to this time, the globe had been cooling, so a clear change had occurred in the 1980s. Global Warming was the answer, aggressively pushed by such notaries as Al Gore.
  • As earthquakes rose in frequency and severity, the answer was to direct the USGS, which is dominant in the world, to drop and downgrade quakes. Any shuddering or shaking unexplained by earthquakes statistics are attributed to fracking or mining explosions. The booms from breaking rock and heaving ground during plate movements are attributed to anything from aircraft breaking the sound barrier to fireworks.  The volcanic increase was dealt with by restricting the media, so only local coverage occurs.
  • The most difficult symptom to address was the magnetic flux, which has pushed the magnetic North Pole of Earth toward Siberia and befuddles pilots and those using the compass steadily since the arrival of Planet X in the inner solar system. This was addressed at first by NASA claiming the Sun was going frantic, having an extreme solar maximum, but reality did not support this. The Sun was virtually asleep during this cycle. Then they threw out a quad-pole theory, that the Sun had developed more than one set of poles, but they could never coordinate what was happening on Earth to their various Sun theories.



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